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Once upon a time, I had some ideas. Here they are!

I have retired a few ideas that either weren't getting votes, were baked, or for whatever reason didn't hold water:

Bedside Urinal Beatbox Translator Debit-card Soda Machines Designer Scars Electronic drum gloves Sling-suit Bed Twister Stadium

[Sep 26 2005, last modified Feb 16 2023]

(+5) Angled movie theater ceiling
 Better-sounding Bagpipe
(+14, -2)(+14, -2) "Crow"-bar
(+5, -7) Extra Long Snorkel
(+6, -1) GameTouch
(+37, -2)(+37, -2)(+37, -2) Gloves With Fingernails
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) Glow-Trellises
(+3) Heartbeat Watch
(+11, -1)(+11, -1) Office Gongs
(+8, -2) Pee-Wee's secret word/fire alarm
(+20, -2)(+20, -2) Peephole Stats
(+2) Phone E-book
(+8, -5) Public Bathroom White Noise
(+2, -1) Rollercoaster Singles
(+18)(+18) Twin-lamp Lava Tube
(+4, -3) Vector Audio

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