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"Half baked they look: hypnotised like."

- James Joyce, 'Ulysses'

"Cur, g. curtha and cuirthe, m. - act of putting, sending, sowing, raining, discussing, burying, vomiting, hammering into the ground, throwing through the air, rejecting, shooting, the setting or clamp in a rick of turf, selling,addressing, the crown of cast iron buttons which have been made bright by contact with cliff faces, the stench of congealing badgers suet, the luminence of glue-lice, a noise made in a house by an unauthorised person, a heron's boil, a leprachauns denture, a sheep biscuit, the act of inflating hare's offal with a bicycle pump, a leak in a spirit level, the whine of a sewage farm windmill, a corncrakes clapper, the scum on the eye of a senile ram, a dustmans dumpling, a beetles faggot, the act of loading ever rift with ore, a dumb man's curse, a blasket, a 'kur', a fiddlers occupational disease, a fairy godmothers father, a hawks vertigo, the art of predicting past events, a wooden coat, a custard-mincer, a blue-bottles 'farm', a gravy flask, a timber-mine, a toy craw, a porridge mill, a fair day at donnybrook with nothing barred, a stoats stomach-pump."

- Myles na gCopaleen, 'Irish and Related Matters'

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[Aug 01 2001, last modified Jun 14 2007]

(+19)(+19) 10 words or fewer express queue
(+14, -1)(+14, -1) 1000 word picture
(+16, -2)(+16, -2) Alternative Tube access for dare devils
(+33, -1)(+33, -1)(+33, -1) Anarchy Feng Shui
(+8)(+8) Beach dome
(+23, -2)(+23, -2)(+23, -2) Bring your problem to work day
(+5, -1) Bus Grips
(+9, -5) Cashier competency indicator
(+3, -7) Community Service Duty
(+4, -3) Dimmer
(+16, -2)(+16, -2) Doorbell email
(+16)(+16) Edible Kerplunk
(+13, -7) Fair Trade Cocaine
(+3, -2) Form a symbiotic relationship
(+8)(+8) Halfbakery Homeland
(+3, -7) Halfbakerywhacking
(+3, -1) Head-mounted Presence Denier
(+5, -4) Keyring for spider's web multi-tasking success
(+3, -5) Lunar backdrop orbiting clock
(+4) Mardi Gras traffic lights
 mystery suicide
(+43, -1)(+43, -1)(+43, -1) Now: I'll see you in court; (now I won't)
(+6, -3) Paranoia ear heater
(+24, -3)(+24, -3)(+24, -3) Perforated telephone directory
(+12)(+12) Personal Space Enforcement Whiskers
(+6, -1) Quantitative penuriousness indicator
(+19)(+19) Re-entry Fried Chicken
(+1, -8)(+1, -8) Reverse Salary Option
(+6, -1) Reverse Speedometer
(+10)(+10) Smart, nasty alarm clock
(+6, -2) Social Feedback Questionnaire for the self-conscious
(+11, -4) St. John's Fire Brigade
(+6) Ten Pin Gunfire Bowling
(+7, -1) Tense Converter
(+4) The Song of the Surfing Halfbaker
(+38, -1)(+38, -1)(+38, -1) toilet seat solution
(+21)(+21)(+21) Toilet Theremin
(+6) Velcro bus/tube catcher
(+4) Vibrate the steel
(+9, -1)(+9, -1) "Wall of Death" motorway bends
(+4, -1) Was I raised by wolves or not?
(+3, -7) Weatheroom.
(+1) Yo! Ciggy

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