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007 Holidays

Be everyones favourite spy for the week (if you last that long)
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Every one has at some time wanted to be a spy. Most men have at sometime wished they were 007.

The solution 007 holidays.

The holiday involves you working out motives, means and methods as well as all the traditional shooting and explosions. This is by now means an easy holiday. You are given very little help along the way you need to book flights transport the lot.

Working up from the tail end of a simple crime to the master villian him/her slef.

You are given contacts which you must meet, deadlines, eveything from a Bond film.

All events take place in specially designed compounds and areas so that when you run down a street (paint) guns flaring you won't get arrested. (note this is subject to change and if you want you can do it in the big wild world)

talen, Jan 28 2003

Similar principle http://www.halfbake...20walking_20holiday
[talen, Oct 04 2004]

Real-world lazermaze http://www.halfbake..._20LaserMaze_20game
Also part-baked in this idea. [8th of 7, Oct 04 2004]

Covert Ops http://www.covertops.com
From the same people who bring you Migs over Russia. Check out the newspaper articles! [DemolitionMan, Oct 04 2004]

(?) 006 http://www.angelfir...ules/goldeneye.html
Apologies for all those bloomin' popups - halfway down 006 is described [PeterSilly, Oct 04 2004]


       like a murder weekend with a twist.
po, Jan 28 2003

       [po] exactly.
[Dimandja] So where can I get a copy of 007 goes on holiday?
Btw this is a "holiday" similar principle to one shown in link.
talen, Jan 28 2003

       <smug Arnold Schwarzenneger face>
Get your ass to Mars ### Get your ass to Mars ###...
</smug Arnie>
Jinbish, Jan 28 2003

       //Baked in several books and movies.//
That would be half-baked. Baked means real-world.

       //All events take place in specially designed compounds and areas//
Actually quite alot of this could take place in resorts, casinos, rented chalets and so on. (The very places people might go on more conventional vacations too). After all, Bond isn't firing his gun the whole movie, often he has to obtain a piece of information, seduce the female super-villain, etc. Only when the mission got "nasty" would the proceedings have to adjourn to special areas, presumably nearby. This is easy enough to structure via a mission plan.

       All the better because it fits in with the conventional travel business, so that makes this more practical. And when you are done playing spy, you relax for a couple of days on the beach while you are waiting for the photos from your mission to come back (and your bruises to heal).   

       I could definitely see this working. It would be very expensive, of course.
krelnik, Jan 28 2003

       Shirley this isn't baked unless someone has actually in real life actually really set up a Bond-themed holiday? I can't find one on the web. Anyone?   

       Talen. I think Miss Moneypenny did all the travel arrangements, so I'd like to see that side taken care of. Other than that, the possibilities are endless. Skiing, skidoo chases, bungee jumping off dams, ejecting from helicopters, tank chases, stunt driving, casinos, etc. There could be packages themed around different books/films - I'd go just for the chance to get behind the wheel of an Aston!   

       And [Dimandja], the idea is sound, it's just the presentation that's a bit watery. Like Big Macs. Give me an "Ordinary" cheeseburger anyday.
egbert, Jan 28 2003

       [Egbert] You want fries with that ?
8th of 7, Jan 28 2003

       Missed your vocation, [8th].
PeterSilly, Jan 28 2003

       Talen, don't take this the wrong way, but I think you would benefit from cutting and pasting your idea text into Word (before posting) and using the spell, and grammar checkers. It saves irritating pedants like me having to point out that you spelt 'elf'; 'slef', amongst other things. In the meantime have a croissant, I’d go on one of these.
Zircon, Jan 28 2003

       And somewhere in the western world, a man called talen at a PC is quietly rejoicing.
RayfordSteele, Jan 28 2003

       or is that a widdle of bakers? sorry it featured largely in the last book I read and its my word of the month.
po, Jan 28 2003

       Oh, is that the correct collective noun ?
8th of 7, Jan 28 2003

       "The Game"... yes, exactly what I was thinking.   

       // //Baked in several books and movies.// That would be half-baked. Baked means real-world. //   

       No, that's wrong. Half-baked means it already exists at the halfbakery. Dimandja is correct, since the movies and books exist in the 'real-world'.
waugsqueke, Jan 28 2003

       Didn't we agree on a collective noun several times before?   

       ...Can't find it.. Anyone rememeber?
yamahito, Jan 28 2003

       //Half-baked means it already exists at the halfbakery.//
I disagree, and several other bakers disagree with you on this. Examples:

       From "Sega Defence Initiative":
Halfbaked in the film "Toys", I think.
---sdm, Oct 23 2001

       From "picture mirror tv":
this idea is halfbaked in the TV licencing warning infomercials on UK television.
---lewisgirl, Nov 27 2001

       From "Accelerated Ion Engine":
Halfbaked in any of several dozen scifi novels and novellas and movies and series...
---UnaBubba, Nov 11 2001

       Use the term "halfbaked in" (with quotes) in the halfbakery search to find many, many more by other bakery stalwarts such as [DrBob], [sirrobin], [pottedstu] and [StarChaser].
krelnik, Jan 28 2003

       It's not a matter of whether you agree or not. Half-baked has always meant 'exists at the bakery'. My last word on the topic. I'm not getting into another stupid back and forth with you.
waugsqueke, Jan 28 2003

       Time for a 3/5's compromise?
RayfordSteele, Jan 28 2003

       krelnik, I have to agree with waugs - halfbaked has always been used to refer to other ideas. You seem to take this all too seriously anyway.
madradish, Jan 29 2003

       'wax... thumbwax
thumbwax, Jan 29 2003

       [madradish] By that definition, if I find a similar idea over at BrightIdeas.com or shouldexist.org, then it must be "Baked." I don't buy that.
krelnik, Jan 29 2003

       Sorry to butt in and take this discussion completly of subject....Bond Holiday idea? Anyone remember it? (scroll up)....It gets my croissant. Two questions, where can I get holiday insurance? Do I need to make a will?
silverstormer, Jan 29 2003

       Baked, somewhat. I don't know about holiday, but themed vacations should settle. Check out the link, closest thing I can think of. I'm gonna try to get some spare cash together and do that next year.
DemolitionMan, Jan 29 2003

       krelnik, why must it be? Are we really limited to two such definitions. As I understand it, baked refers to things that are 'widely known to exist in the real world' (re help file) and halfbaked refers to other ideas on the 'bakery.   

       Ideas on other sites don't fit either of these categories so maybe they could be called parbaked or something. I can't recall it having come up though.
madradish, Jan 29 2003

       God Strewth!!! Look at all those pastries!! FInally a universally liked idea! I'm so pleased.
<promptly dances a little jig and smiles>
talen, Jan 30 2003

       moody git aint ya? :)
po, Jan 30 2003

       Do you get cool gadgets thrown in as well?
goff, Jan 30 2003

       Jim needs to use the term "half-baked" to refer to something that is shakily thought out i.e., the existing definition of "half-baked" that existed before the existence of the halfbakery. Jim is aware that half-baked on the halfbakery means existence of an idea, and so decides to say "half-baked in the non-halfbakery sense of the term". Jim is pleased that this has cleared up any confusion, but then what would he know - he's quite mad.
sild, Jan 30 2003

       Re: Baked vs Half-baked.

Baked = It actually, really exists.
Half-baked = It exists as an idea only.

Seems fairly simple to me. Not that I give a rat's arse, your honour.
DrBob, Jan 30 2003

       "I'm terribly sorry sir, the 007 holiday has been overbooked. We're going to have to bump you off on, sorry, bump you down to the 006 version instead."   

PeterSilly, Jan 30 2003

       In the context of this site I have always considered the expression "half baked" as meaning that the ideas exists already on this site. Just the way I have percieved it, anyway.   

       [bristolz] thinks [sild]'s "Jim" to be on the right track, for whatever ort of a pittance that is worth.
bristolz, Jan 30 2003

       You know, with all this talk about baking and such, it's making me hungry! Btw, no one commented on my link :(
DemolitionMan, Jan 30 2003

madradish, Jan 30 2003

       [DemolitionMan]: That is, without question, the singularly most amazing link I have ever seen in my whole life. I laughed. I cried. I ordered the subscription and wallowed in the linkiness of it all.
bristolz, Jan 30 2003

       I liked it so much I actually bought one of the cover tops.
Monkfish, Jan 30 2003

       [Dimandja], if I need to bake a US state, I prefer it to be Alaska.
angel, Jan 31 2003

       I always thought it would be cool to tour some of the places where Bond was filmed. I took a cruise to Ocho Rios where "Dr. No" was made.
the great unknown, May 10 2007

       I'm years late for the argument above, but I coined the term "preheated" to describe ideas previously existing in fiction.
normzone, May 11 2007


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