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1/2baked commercial

for all those things we need to advertize
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coming up with the commercials for our 1/2baked ideas. no matter how outlandish they are. this is your space to try to sell yours or another person's idea.
toomer34, Aug 19 2005

Bungston's famous advertising on the Hb http://www.halfbake...e+at+BUNGCO&ok=+OK+
search the phrase "here at BUNGCO" [dentworth, Aug 19 2005]

G4=1/2 baked ideas http://www.g4tv.com...html?video_key=9250
this is what was on TV [toomer34, Aug 19 2005]

The Dappler Dappler
I want one. [wagster, Aug 20 2005]

oh fuck, I advertised the wrong idea... Vagina-Jam
[po, Sep 01 2005]

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       [pa`ve]i did not want to put it on Tv but gave a space to think about advertizments for our half baked ideas sorry if that confused you.
toomer34, Aug 19 2005

       [Pa`ve] I missed that episode - what show was it?
zen_tom, Aug 19 2005

       I referenced it on the National Lottery programme (UK), but you'd have to know the 'bakery to have caught the reference.
jonthegeologist, Aug 19 2005

       I think you mean advertising on the HB, well it has been done, see link.
dentworth, Aug 19 2005

       check the link it clears up the qustion of where 1/2bakery was put on TV.   

       don't shoot the mail man.
toomer34, Aug 19 2005

       [Jon] I remember; caught the reference, and sat in shock for a while. Bizarre coincidence.
david_scothern, Aug 20 2005

       What about the National Lottery now?   

       Why would we need to advertise on television? Just look under business and there's a half dozen categories for advertising mediums. This could work very well really.   

       Also, it isn't quite what you suggested but there's always the halfbakery t-shirt.
hidden truths, Aug 20 2005

       Thanks for the link [toomer], that explains all those incoherent plot outlines for games that started appearing. I'm actually going to bone this one as I consider the act of posting to be advertising in itself. A good post will both describe and sell your idea - see 'Dappler' by [squeak], a recent example of a so-so idea that was sold in a way that made you want one.
wagster, Aug 20 2005

       I am going to leave this up solely for the link, because people obviously didn't get it that this would be a place for funny advertisements of there half baked ideas. There really is no going back now sorry people fish bone it or bun it its only here for that link. :(
toomer34, Aug 20 2005

       oh delete it, quick!   

       sp: their
po, Aug 20 2005

       what do you mean [po]?
toomer34, Aug 21 2005

       Advertising is horrible. Tell me about it... that's what I do for a living.
Pericles, Aug 21 2005

       I want the heads of those responsible for some damn beef jerky commercials. After talking to a professional photographer & getting an opinion on how fast a high quality commercial could be made, I feel I've been taken on one of the ideas I put up here.

       If it would have been anything but a TV commercial, it would be different! I loathe the propogandistic nature of the lies that live in commercials.
Zimmy, Aug 22 2005

       Advertisement is horrible. We make a living from telling lies to people, from making them believe that a product will help them be happier, cuter, nicer, more practical, when, truth is, most of the times its all an overpromise.   

       Now, we (advertisers) want to think we're doing art. I have to say I've found art in a good deal of commercials, but most of it is just rubbish. I try to put a possitive message in campaigns, but sometimes it just doesn't work that way for the brands. They don't care about good will, they just want to sell their product.
Pericles, Aug 25 2005

       I think if I Were to be allowed to make a Commericial for my one and currently only HalfBaked Idea... it would include a family Reading the bible and then the mother looks up and...   

       Mother: Judy? Where is Billy?" Judy: He's Playing Computer Games." Mother: Oh Really..." *The mother closes her bible and walks over to where her son is playing a computer game* Mother: Billy... you aren't playing one of those shoot'em up gore games are you?" Billy: No Mom! I'm playing as a follower of Jesus Christ and helping the Apostles serve the people of Jerusalem!" *The Mother will hug her son and an announcer will come on* Announcer: Live the lessons! Create the Condemnation! Experience Christianity: The Game!"   

       Or something like that. is that what you meant toomer? Commericals for the Ideas we put on here?
Ish, Sep 01 2005

       or an annotation on one idea for another.   

       an infamous halfbaked idea could well be complemented with an anno that exhorted the fact that it would be even more delicious with a sachet of pickled onion.
po, Sep 01 2005

       Thanks sis you are the only one who fulfilled the idea.
toomer34, Sep 01 2005

       well seeing as I am so smart, I'd better give you a +   

       cos that advertises my idea!   

       link later, to add to the whatever.
po, Sep 01 2005

       i never thought of it that way?
toomer34, Jan 28 2006

       Can we say that, any time a 'Baker gets on TV (or radio), he should preferably warn us in advance, then insert a suble hint or reference to the 'Bakery. Just to make all of us happy.
dbmag9, Jan 28 2006

       um... ya shure   

       ill go right over and tell G4
toomer34, Jan 28 2006


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