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I'm back hahaha and for the record the majority of my ideas are from when I was about 8, but yet although I had forgotten my password I have returned to you my loyal minions to regain my throne as king.

You may now bow to his savageness.

And now you may leave.

[Jan 15 2006, last modified Jul 17 2010]

(+5, -4) 1/6th bakery
(-3) Car springer
(+8, -3) Child Starfighter 2000
(+10, -1)(+10, -1) Children Cookie Tables and chairs
(+11, -3)(+11, -3) Cookie Juice
(+10, -5) cough dance
(+17, -5)(+17, -5) Eco-sword
(+10, -11) Frozen swords
(+5) Hoberman trap
(+4, -2) Ice-skate fan-car
(+3, -1) invisible ink
(+5, -4) robot clothes
(+5, -8) smart clothes
(-1) super economic central heating
(+15, -4)(+15, -4) Super-glider
(-4) Superfootball
 The Car Holdinator
(+3) the supersensor
(+27)(+27)(+27) The Whapper

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