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3.97º Shoes

shoes that cause you to orientate at a specific angle
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Since 2013, 3.97 degrees is the angle of deviation from the vertical of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This is therefore the angle which gives its name to a range of shoes that cause the wearer to lean over slightly to the one side, due to the soles and heels being contoured in pairs at 3.97º

The wearing of both shoes is necessary to create the angle, as it starts at the outer edge of the sole of the left shoe, and continues across to its highest point at the outer edge of the right shoe's sole.

This means that on any given day, everyone walking around who wears these special shoes in the vacinity of the leaning Tower Of Pisa will be angled from the vertical to the exact same degree as that of the famous tower.

The shoes come with a special little glass covered badge, displaying a miniature plumb line hanging over a gauge, to verify the exact Pisa Tower angle of 3.97º being achieved.

xenzag, Aug 20 2020


       Yes..... I meant to correct it. Will do now. Thanks.
xenzag, Aug 20 2020

       If you had a weighted body suit then normal relaxed uprightness could be leaned in
pocmloc, Aug 20 2020

       1: The right shoe would have to be weighted to counterbalance the lean.
2: What if I'm taking a photo from the other side of the Leaning Tower? You'll need to sell pairs of pairs...
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 20 2020

       3.98ºC is the temperature where water is densest.   

       From the title I expected some kind of diving shoes that let you walk on the bottom of lakes.
mitxela, Aug 20 2020

       Consuming a sufficient quantity of 3.97º strength alcoholic beverage will produce such a tilt, or the impression of same for the consumer- which amounts to the same thing- without resorting to orthotic footwear.
8th of 7, Aug 20 2020

       //expected some kind of diving shoes that let you walk on the bottom of lakes// If you want to wear shoes that bring you to the bottom of a lake, then attaching them to concrete blocks will do the trick. Breathing apparatus is advisable for a more comfortable visit.
xenzag, Aug 20 2020


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