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MJ TV Shoes

Moonwalking for dummies
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A pair of big square shoes with LCD screens on the sides. The LCD screens will show a video of a normal pair of black shoes, with sparkly white socks, alternating between flat position and 'heel up' position.

By standing still but waving your hands in a vaguely robotic fashion, you will appear to be an expert moonwalker.

Tightening the laces leads to increasingly implausable modes, such as 360 degree ankle twists, and trotters.

Fishrat, Nov 13 2009

videojug: How to moonwalk. http://www.youtube....gtLVzbI&feature=fvw
[jutta, Nov 13 2009]


       OK +
xandram, Nov 13 2009

       How about just putting some kind of discreet treadmill on the sole. It could be locked for walking or opened for moonwalking, perhaps toggled by a remote switch that could be hidden in your pocket.
Joolin, Nov 14 2009


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