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Plant Pot Shoes

shoes that look like plant pots
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Plant Pot Shoes are shaped in such as way as to make you look like you are a walking twin stalked shrub.

They are a bit bigger than the average shoe, but the extra internal supporting structure has been well designed to ensure that they are comfortable and not heat traps in the summer. The extra internal room can of course be used to accommodate other devices, like heaters, coolers, noise makers or lighting systems.

For added effect, simply wear the complimentary hairy shrub socks or green leggings. Standing still in the middle of public parks is encouraged by the makers, as is frequent poking (using a gardening tool) of the fake soil area where the legs disappear inside the actual pots.

xenzag, Jun 15 2011

though I'd feel clumsy in your pots, I'd try vases! [+] http://hurriyetdesi...g2009-red.jpg?w=460
[xandram, Jun 17 2011]


       Being careful to avoid errant loggers, or Vietnam veterans, or dogs.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 15 2011

nineteenthly, Jun 15 2011

../\ /\
neelandan, Jun 15 2011

       Are the "hairy shrub socks or green leggings" free? - or are they complementary?
hippo, Jun 15 2011

       us poor spellers just don't get sutultees hippo, just hit him with a *sp?*   

       very silly idea +
dentworth, Jun 15 2011

       I thought this was going to be a special pair of shoes for surreptitiously sowing hemp seeds.
Wrongfellow, Jun 15 2011

       Me too, only it was hemp's more interesting cousin I had in mind. Maybe work on the wording when you commercialize this? 'Shrubbery Shoes,' perhaps.   

       (commence tangent thread of Nneee! jokes... wait for it... now!)
Alterother, Jun 15 2011

       //heaters// //lighting systems// //shrub// //green// //poking// hmm...
pocmloc, Jun 15 2011

       I'm sure I could fit in a kitchen sink as well....
xenzag, Jun 15 2011


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