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Thatched Shoes

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Shoes with thatched uppers.
calum, Jul 04 2005

Like this http://dspace.dial.....wilkes/thatch1.jpg
but on your feets. [calum, Jul 04 2005]

Earwig! http://www.uidaho.e...ropean%20earwig.jpg
Eeeeeeeeek [salachair, Jul 04 2005]

Thatcher Waste Disposal Unit Thatcher_20waste_20disposal_20unit
by skinflaps. General Washington's illustration now a dead link, sadly. [calum, Jul 04 2005]

Sensational model shows off latest in shoe fashion http://www.delabole.com/wuzel.htm
[Ling, Jul 05 2005]


       Relieved - I read this as "Thatcher Shoes", ie shoes that wouldn't turn. Bun.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 04 2005

       Errr... for why?
salachair, Jul 04 2005

       I was tryin' to catch a cab late one night
When My eyes beheld a dreary site
The Prime Minster w/the crap
Began to Rise
The Margret Mash..; The Blair newsflash... (I'm a decade too late aren't I?)
Zimmy, Jul 04 2005

       //Errr... for why?// So people think you are a hobbit.
baconbrain, Jul 04 2005

       //So people think you are a hobbit.//   

       I see.
salachair, Jul 04 2005

       //So people think you are a hobbit// No, for that, you need shoes shaped like rabbits, 'cos from a distance, they look like hares ! <tt-ttish>
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 04 2005

       But how would thatched shoes be any better (or even as good as) leather-uppered etc shoes?   

       Would there not be an ongoing risk of earwigs between the toes?
salachair, Jul 04 2005

       //How would thatched shoes be any better (or even as good as) leather-uppered // Ideal for vegetarians.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 04 2005

       I wish I'd thought of this. (+)
Jinbish, Jul 04 2005

       //Ideal for vegetarians//   

       Good point. I have a friend who won't sit in a car with leather seats, and always has trouble finding animal-friendly footwear. Bring it on.
CloakedBeauty, Jul 04 2005

       I've got a feeling I once saw some newsreel footage of WWII German soldiers marching back from Russia in the snow, wearing woven straw overshoes to insulate their feet.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 04 2005

       For why? For no reason.
calum, Jul 04 2005

       For that's good enough for me.
salachair, Jul 04 2005

       I was surprised to see that this wasn't a FarmerJohn idea. (Calum - you may take this as praise or as a sign of my concern for your mental state; [+] anyway.)
Basepair, Jul 04 2005

       Can I have a matching thatched hat? American tourists would love me.
wagster, Jul 04 2005

       Ooooh yeah, and a thatched handbag!
salachair, Jul 04 2005

       Oh my gaawd! That's just so rustic! Can I take a phodo? <checks clock - US is awake - shuts up quickly>
wagster, Jul 04 2005

       The US is busy setting off explosives and otherwise celebrating their independence--I'd think the Brits would be celebrating that as well.   

       This American was just in England for the first time, and I was very happy to see a thatched roof. I did not take pictures, if that salvages any of my reputation.   

       I was in Grantchester, having punted up from Cambridge, and I had a very good time in England, thank you. It was good to be in the country with Charles Darwin on the ten-pound note. I'd apologize for other Americans, except I'd like to give most of them a good kick up the backside, personally. With thatched shoes.
baconbrain, Jul 05 2005

       bacon, I lived in Cape Girardeau for a year. Best city, other than Santa Barbara, in the US, in my opinion. Your tales of England, make me once again, so jealous.   

       If you are familiar with the town, do you know of "Smellville", I think it was called? A part of the city always flooded, and mud came up to front doors. *(I will delete this in the am).
blissmiss, Jul 05 2005

       I got to Cape G. in February, and drove around a while. I liked it. Didn't learn about Smellville.
baconbrain, Jul 05 2005

       where's Grantchester? (this from the person who didn't know where Swindon was)   

       bb, I'd have liked to have seen your pictures.
po, Jul 05 2005

       Glad you liked our little country [bacon]. I must admit that despite my bigoted preconcieved notions about the US, I loved it (except NY, but maybe that was just jet-lag). It just goes to show how travel can open your eyes.
wagster, Jul 05 2005

       [po]: Cambridge. (There's a Pink Floyd song called Grantchester Meadows, partly written when they were at Cambridge University.)
angel, Jul 05 2005

       [po] Don't go there - Jeffrey Archer lives there! Also subject of Rupert Brooke's poem "The Old Vicarage" (Granchester, not Archer) - the poem crops up in "Balham, Gateway to the South"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 05 2005

       baconbrain, did you try any weetabix?
Ling, Jul 05 2005

       a ye olde bunne +
benfrost, Jul 05 2005

       Yeah, Ling, I tried a Weetabix. It was scary.
baconbrain, Jul 05 2005

       Weetabix is great ! What was it about it that you found scary ?
Katisha, Jul 05 2005

       Scary? The way it was obvious that the individual flakes had once been running free and happy by themselves, but had all been squished into a brick by some sadist. Also scary was the way that the first bite tasted sort of good, the second was about the same, but then, as the block disintegrated, it developed a taste and texture like old thatched shoes.
baconbrain, Jul 05 2005

       //"The Old Vicarage" (Granchester, not Archer) - the poem crops up in "Balham, Gateway to the South"// you mean this is the poem that the parody was based on?   

       love bb's description of weetabix. I tell you folks, the only way to eat it is dry with butter and jam.
po, Jul 05 2005

       [po] No, it is just the final bit -
Narrator: Stands the clock still at ten to three, and is there honey still for tea?
Waitress voice: Honey's off, dear.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 05 2005

       where's the rest of it from then?
po, Jul 05 2005

       Just a fake 1950's travelogue - just thought it was apposite to you [po] in a convoluted sort of way, you coming from that neck of the woods an' all.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 05 2005

       I grew up in Balham!   

       I remember the "four square miles on the northern line..." and I thought I had the old Sellars album here somewhere.
po, Jul 05 2005

       //dry with butter and jam//... I've heard some crazy-ass things in my time, but that just takes the biscuit [po].
wagster, Jul 05 2005

       don't knock it till you tried it :)   

       I wonder if weetabix would make a good thatching material?
po, Jul 05 2005


//This American was just in England for the first time...I did not take pictures, if that salvages any of my reputation.//

As an Ugly American in Venice a few years ago, I decided not to take pictures, but to sketch what I saw. That way I would actually *see* what was there, which was, I imagined, a novel idea. But it didn’t work out too well, because brigades of Germans would march up in front of me and scan my subject matter with their huge video cameras, swiveling those things back and forth like machine guns. Then crowds of Japanese would appear out of nowhere and surround me, chattering and clicking, blinding me with their xenon flashes as they took snapshots of this *real artist*.
ldischler, Jul 05 2005

       You should only venture out on 'drinking optional' tour days. I'd ask a Venetian if those days are unadvertised.
reensure, Jul 05 2005

       I applaud your attempt [ldischler]. It may not have worked as you planned, but at least your memories of Venice aren't framed by a viewfinder.
wagster, Jul 05 2005

       Bravo, [ldischler]! My best memento of Mexico's Copper Canyon is a sketch my brother made--the view out the front of a vehicle, including a shadow showing me riding on the roof rack, brandishing the fifteen-foot yucca stalk that he had realized was needed for proper roof-rack-riding.
baconbrain, Jul 06 2005

       Hobbits I expected, yes. Weetabix, Balham and holiday portraiture I did not.
calum, Jul 06 2005


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