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Car Shoes

What's that you're wearing? DATSONS!?
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I designed some shoes on CMAX.com designed after Komatsu construction equipment. They only reflected the color scheme of the equipment, but what if you could get shoes that were just like the real thing. so why not have shoes that are designed after vehicles. using the cars design elements as an inspiration. BMW has its signature grill in front. the shoe could have that. or the "BUICKS" would look sporty but very comfortable. Cadillacs, and mercurys would be like penny loafers but with more features - shock absorbers that are really soft. People could buy the shoes to match their car. I suppose this is very mildly baked. Lightly toasted.
L a z y M a n, Aug 06 2003

Metro Shoes http://www.sillygir...tures/car-shoes.jpg
I dont want these geo metro shoes though... [L a z y M a n, Oct 04 2004]

Dont click here http://www.celebrat.../itm_img/2CF29B.jpg
Dont look at this link - this is kind of what i'm talking about. i was thinking about cool looking shoes... NOT THESE! [L a z y M a n, Oct 04 2004]


       CAT, the construction company make shoes too, this is a curious and frankly odd innovation. Fetch me a pair of limos
neilp, Aug 06 2003

       Me and my Gremlins *own* the court, sucka
DeathNinja, Aug 06 2003

       Hmm, SUV shoes for both the hiker and the bovver boy in you. +
nichpo, Aug 06 2003

       keep them in the boot.
po, Aug 06 2003

       These Ferrari shoes have air intakes reminiscent of their mid-engine cars. http://www.zappos.com/images/F/Fila21/fila21rosp.jpg
norcal944, Aug 28 2003


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