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Overshoe styles

Inspired by :Sneaker cover
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A type of overshoe that is a different style, say you have just been to the gym and have sneakers on but you have to go into the office for an important meeting, just get out your shiny black leather overshoes and attach them to your sneakers, now you have shoes suitable for a business meeting.
Gulherme, Sep 08 2002

Smart Slip Over Shoe http://www.halfbake...20vending_20machine
Was suggested here in po's first annotation. [Helium, Sep 08 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       So, the invention here is a black leather overshoe?
bristolz, Sep 08 2002

       Many different styles for different occasions, there would be a zip around the soul and you could just zip it onto the shoes you have on.
Gulherme, Sep 08 2002

       Hmmm.. neat idea. Convenient AND economical, since one doesnt have to own multple pairs of shoes.   

       But I must point out that the average pair of sneakers are much bigger around the feet than the average pair of formals or loafers
joker_of_the_deck, Sep 08 2002

       Maby there could be a neoprene undershoe that fits into many different overshoes.
Gulherme, Sep 08 2002

       What if you like your Lobb brogue uppers and want to change the undershoe to, say, go up a mountain, or run to work, or shake off the Feds in a sandy area. Shirley this is usefuller.
General Washington, Sep 08 2002

       Sounds a bit like the clip-on plastic covers for personalising mobile phones.
8th of 7, Sep 10 2002

       If you are coming straight from the gym you'd need an 'oversuit' as well.   

       If you have a change of clothes, you are more than likely to have a change of shoes too. So its either 'complete change' or 'complete clip-ons'.
Jinbish, Sep 10 2002


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