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Boat Shaped Shoes with Oars.
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A pair of boat-shaped shoes with robotic oars which move back and forth, as though rowing, when they sense movement.

To avoid the embarrasment of tripping over your own oars, they would only be mounted on the outside edges of your roboots.

As technology develops, I'd like to hope the oars could eventually tie your shoelaces too.

Fishrat, Dec 22 2005


       //they would only be mounted on the outside edges of your roboots// trip everyone else up!
po, Dec 22 2005

calum, Dec 22 2005

       is that a suggestion, a warning, or an order, po?!
Fishrat, Dec 22 2005

EvilPickels, Dec 22 2005

       There were three things mentioned... both doesn't work. We should invent a new word for "all three," called trioth.
notmarkflynn, Dec 22 2005

       Would these shoe galleys have rams? Would they shoot flaming arrows at passing shoes, and, coming alongside, would grappling hooks be used?
ldischler, Dec 22 2005

       perhaps we could breed some sort of mini-human, hordes of them, that when they tossed the grapple hooks at other pairs of roboots, they would realistically board and take over the other shoes.   

       a reenactment of the pirate ships of old, right at your feet. of course, the seized roboots would then become yours.
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 19 2007

       The analogous "robutts" could function as a life preserver, or to add emphasis during public speaking.
bungston, Feb 19 2007


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