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ATP (or possibly metformin) liposomes as beauty technology

ATP is the 'fuel' for protein synthesis. liposomes full of ATP (or metformin) might improve dermis, heightening beauty
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first an ATP observation. I think I read that 90 lbs (!) of ATP is actually continually regenerated each 24 hours at a human (ATP->ADP->ATP again) so a few milligrams of ATP might not do much... unless it only enriches about a millimeter thickness of tissue like at the dermis.

metformin is published as causing lab mammals as living about 1/3 longer (some will say 1/5th) so making a dermal creme that causes people to age 1/3 slower when they use it is at least testable. Another possibility is rapamycin. rapamycin is bad for people systemically, yet might be harmless topically. Both of these function from something similar to sugar response calorie restriction like effects, they are just topical rather than systemic versions.

so the ATP (or metformin or rapamycin) soaks in, scientists measure if it has any effect, and actual protein synthesis goes up at the dermis. preferably, people look nicer.

beanangel, Sep 24 2016


       Well, ATP>ADP gets you about 50kJ/mol. Molecular weight is about 500, and 90lb is about 40kG, or about 80 moles. So, that's about 4MJ of energy.   

       ATP is small change. You can't just throw in a few cents and change the cellular economy. Plus protein synthesis isn't normally ATP-limited. Plus ATP won't stimulate protein synthesis. Plus more protein synthesis will not make you look nicer. Plus this is just half-thought bollocks.   

       Make more of an effort.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 24 2016

       ok, more effort translated as "spam with published longevity chemicals (metformin, rapamycin), as liposomes"
beanangel, Sep 24 2016


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