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Body Powder, Vacuum and Applicator

Goes beyond Gold Bond
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In the endless quest to avoid ever having to change ones' clothes there is a new conception that brings humanity one step closer.

The solution is a body powder that includes a dessicant for drying out dander, a miticide to kill mites, a fungicide to kill fungus, and a germicide agent to kill bacteria. It will also include a fragrance of some pleasant sort.

Now, when dead skin falls off it will be dried out in the dessicated atmosphere beneath ones clothes; mites, fungi and bacteria that feed off of it will be non-existant; aswell as the absence of odour due to the dessicant as well as the fragrance.

When a cyclinder of this body powder is purchased it comes with a sleeve and pant vacuum. Simply insert vacuum in sleeve at days end and suck all the old powder and skin out. Do the same with leg. Afterwards turn the vacuum on reverse and fire in a new cloud of Body Powder.

So lazy.

cuckoointherye, Jan 23 2005


       Given this'll give people even with 1cm thick skin a rash in a few minutes, I think you'll probably beable to wear regular clothes (without the stuff all over them) for longer. Not to mention the fact that those areas of the body that get the clothes dirtiest will also be the most sensitive.
Cats Whiskers, Jan 24 2005

       Wow you seem very certain of your statements without even knowing the composition of the powder. The components will not be irritants, it will work just like Gold Bond powder. And no part of my body is any dirtier than another - if I maintain myself like a sane person.
cuckoointherye, Jan 24 2005

       Well, it seems to me that any mix of various x-icides wouldn't do very much for your skin. Of course, I'll admit I may be wrong. I'm no dermatologist.
Cats Whiskers, Jan 24 2005

       you haven't used antibacterial soap before?
cuckoointherye, Jan 24 2005

       Not without washing it off almost immediately, leaving only a nice residue of water.
swamilad, Jan 24 2005

       You haven't used waterless antibacterial soap? usually in a base of quick evaporating alcohol? you havent lived!
cuckoointherye, Jan 24 2005

       huhh bacteria and skin mites would build up resistance if everyone used this. Might cause a plague or something. bone for that, and for being icky.
sninctown, Nov 30 2005

       huh...im not even sure what to say about this.
MikeOxbig, Nov 30 2005

       You would still need to change your underwear, I think...
Minimal, Nov 30 2005


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