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Back Lotioner

Finally, the ability to put suntan lotion on that hard to reach section of your back
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Take one of those little back scratcher hands and market it as a device to put suntan lotion on your back. Same problem as the itchy back therefore a similar solution. Just put some lotion in the little plastic hand and you can get it where ever needed.
MikeOxbig, Nov 27 2005

(???) lotion applicator http://www.back-beauty.com/
[po, Nov 29 2005]

Paint-Roller *Special* Sunscreen Applicator Paint-Roller_20*Spe...screen_20Applicator
It's *special* because it contains shameless self-promotion... [zen_tom, Nov 29 2005]


       Good idea. I baked this as a paddle with a thin fabric covering, and it works great. I was going to halfbake it, but found something similar exists. Will search for link. + anyway.
Shz, Nov 27 2005

       Thanks, [po]!
Shz, Nov 29 2005


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