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An androgen blocker that acts only on the skin
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Why isn't there something like this? A cream, gel or shampoo that you can apply externally and blocks all androgens, causing (hopefully) scalp hair regrowth in male-pattern baldness sufferers, body hair ungrowth in, well, anyone, and slowing or temporary enstoppization of beard growth in men (and some women, particularly one I work with). I would use it.
edshepp, Feb 19 2003

"Estrogen Blocker Grows Hair" http://www.regrowth...ogen_blockers_5.cfm
Not quite what you were looking for. [half, Oct 06 2004]

Hair Loss Treatment: Androcur / Cyproterone Acetate (CPA) http://www.regrowth...oterone_acetate.cfm
A chemical castration-caliber androgen blocking drug, apparently also used to grow hair. Even has a name similar to your article title. [LoriZ, Oct 06 2004]


       Who knew! (about the estrogen-blocker link) That's fascinating, and I had not heard of it! Very interesting.
edshepp, Feb 19 2003

       What's a "androgen?" Is it like David Bowie?
snarfyguy, Feb 19 2003

       More like Uncle Tedly.
LoriZ, Feb 19 2003

       Sounds like a name for a Devo song.
skinflaps, Feb 19 2003

       I gotta get me some of them there estrogen-blockers!
DrCurry, Feb 19 2003

       Why, starting to develop a layer of fat on your pecs, DrCurry?
FloridaManatee, Feb 19 2003

       Hair is beautiful. Hair reminds us that even though we try to behave like the center of creation we're just another animal species; hairy beasts. The lack of hair is also beautiful. It reminds people (those who lack it) that time does go by, and it's time to start acting like bold grown ups and begin making something out of their lives.
Pericles, Feb 19 2003

       (Just curious) would androgen be the root word of androgynous? (just curious)   

       //Who knew! (about the estrogen-blocker link)//
Apparently, some things just stick in one's mind as one approaches 40 and doesn't remember having previously had quite this much forehead.
half, Feb 20 2003

       [2 fries]: " "
snarfyguy, Feb 20 2003

       [2 fries...]: No.   

       Androgen = andro- [Gk. male] + -gen [suffix from Latin genitus, pp of gignere=to beget].   

       Androgynous = andro- [Gk. male] and gune [Gk. female], via Latin.
pottedstu, Feb 20 2003

       Is this what caused that hair to grow on your palms?
thumbwax, Feb 20 2003

       It occurred to me that something like this ought to also work for acne. Clearly acne has to do with hormone levels, especially androgens. A skin deep androgen block would seem very effective. It might also be good at preventing beard and moustache growth.   

       Androgen blockers exist. See link with annoying soundtrack for propecia, a selective blocker of reduced testosterone. I wonder if anyone has ever tried this drug to prevent moustache growth? Hmmmm...
bungston, Feb 24 2003


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