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artificial guitar calluses

peel em off the sheet, and stick em on your fingers!
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I think that artificial guitar caluses that you could peel off a sheet and stick on to your finger tips would be great. It would be ideal for beginners and for people who haven't played in a while.

I just picked up my guitar and started playing Hendrix and now my fingers hurt. with peel and stick caluses, i could keep playing all night!

fishee, Apr 25 2000

ST 11 Amplifier http://www.halfbake...ifier#969989990-2-1
[raisin, Apr 25 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Callousing Cream http://www.halfbake...g_20cream#995253411
Apply a bit of this. [waugsqueke, Jan 21 2002]


       super glue works well. just dont touch anything 'til it drys, or switch to bass playing.
KindlyRat, Jun 26 2000

       or alternatively don't be such a wuss and just ignore the pain...
MrTheRich, Jun 28 2000

       I think they would be particularly useful for non-guitar playing men. They can inadvertantly show the girls their guitar calouses, and be able to impress the ones that are into guitar-playing dudes.
jeanlucp, Jun 30 2000

       That is not a good idea. Apart from the obvious problems said non-guitarists would encounter when asked to play something, it would mean those who had spent years learning to play would lose their advantage....
MrTheRich, Jul 03 2000

       If the only way listeners can tell a guitarist from a non-guitarist is the *calluses,* you've got bigger problems than bloody fingers. <g>
wordmama, Jul 03 2000

       Or with the fake calouses, you could put them on your ex's nose and make him think he's got a huge wart! (My ex is one of those pretty-boys who thinks he's so hot.)
verobay, Jul 11 2000

       Stevie Ray Vaughan used to glue his callouses back on when they fell off.
mrthingy, Aug 25 2000

       Beat your fingers with a hammer for a while and they'll go numb, enabling you to play for hours!
AfroAssault, Sep 14 2000

       Real guitarmen don't need no artificial calluses.
thumbwax, Sep 18 2000

       Why stop at callouses? Have 'guitar string scar paint' and you can say, pointing at forearm : "look at that one, baby... that was one hot string..." etc.   

       Or pretend that you were playing with your teeth, by painting one across your cheek.
Detly, Sep 18 2000

       Having just started to learn the guitar I fully sympathise with the original poster.
hvermin, Jan 21 2002

       BAKED. It's called liquid skin or new skin. That's one of it's uses, besides acting as a bandage.
seal, Jan 21 2002

       That thing about Stevie Ray Vaughan is about the most disguesting thing I've heard in a long time.
barnzenen, Jan 23 2002

       You're quite welcome. But that's nothing. Proust used to have his servants crush vermin as he watched and became aroused.
mrthingy, Jul 23 2002

       A la Recherche du Vermin Perdu.
neilp, Feb 10 2006


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