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A blow up bedroom.

A rubber third bedroom for when company comes by.
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A blowup rubber third bedroom for when company comes by.

Except for the noise of compressor running all night and how your guests get inside and how they don't suffocate once there, seems workable.


List of ways to modify a mobile home so you can stay in it and not have to sell as your family grows.

1. Add a basement ( See Basements for trailers )

2. Build a first story or a garage story, park your home on top of the story. Add stairs.

3. Add home to barge. Turn it int a house boat.

4. Add roof deck

5. Move

6. Splice onto a second home. Park next to second mobile or building and build a deck or patio to join the two.

popbottle, Jul 16 2013

Ahmad Shagairi teaches the Arab worlds about modest housing https://www.youtube...lVY6ufcOW48&t=2m40s
[pashute, Nov 17 2014]

Another great video by Shageiri https://www.youtube...watch?v=Wq-TD5mzkEg
[pashute, Nov 17 2014]


       If you apply the venerable portable hole to your walls, you can fit one into every wall of your trailer. Unfortunately using portable holes on anything inflatable spells disaster, so this idea is not infinitely loopable. The only slight problem I foresee is contacting John Lennon about the portable holes (as seen in the Yellow Submarine). Perhaps Roger Rabbit knows about them?
anzlovar, Jul 16 2013

       Sort of a residential bouncy castle? Great for the kids.
Loris, Jul 16 2013

       // Great for the kids. //   

       ... particulalry if the inflatable room is pressurised with pure Nitrogen.
8th of 7, Jul 16 2013

       I like the inflatable addition idea, though I doubt your neighbors will. Are you thinking bouncy house or tennis court? I'd suggest tennis court, though probably with a inflated double layer roof like the Syracuse football dome.   

       As for the later add on ideas, most are bunk, as I have a friend in PA who found out even putting concrete steps on his mobile home changed his taxes, as it was now a "permanent" structure. What I would suggest is burying a landsea container and making it into a bomb shelter/ addition. Tell the town it is a cistern. Next year you can add another and say it is a expansion of the leach field.
MisterQED, Jul 16 2013

       What about a Lilo type inflatable without holes rather than a bouncy castle type that needs to be constantly topped up? Obviously temperature changes could be taken care of with a pressure switch and quiet electric compressor and a relief valve.   

       Also it's nice to see [8th] back their usual selves.
TomP, Jul 17 2013

       ...just a bit disappointed this didn't contain explosives. +
xandram, Jul 17 2013

       Not as much as we were. This idea is positively benign …
8th of 7, Jul 17 2013

       As we were contemplating twins for awhile the idea of an insulated bouncy-castle did run across my head as a cheap bedroom add-on.
RayfordSteele, Jul 21 2013

       I once blew up a kitchen.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 21 2013

       I once knew a spy who had his cover blown.
cudgel, Nov 21 2014

       Is this where you invite your blow-up girlfriend to spend the night?
sanman, Nov 30 2014

       So when your relatives visit they come to blows?
normzone, Nov 30 2014


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