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Algae dome home

It's green and clean
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The algae home dome floats on the water. It is very simple:

1. Translucent bioplastic dome (they exist - see link)

2. Over the dome a series of organically shaped tubes are draped in which living algae circulated

3. The algae tubes radiate outwards from the dome so as to form a platform

4. The algae continuously circulate to make sure all of them get their bit of solar power

5. You grow the algal biomass to create liquid biofuels (biodiesel or ethanol, depending on the species - this exists)

6. The small processing facility for the biodiesel is located beneath the dome; there you also find the fuel tank

7. Since the algae dome home is located off-shore, you use boats as cars to get to and from your home - the boats of course work on biofuel

8. All other power for the house comes from a small biodiesel/ethanol generator

That's it. As always I made an incredibly fantastic picture of it!! (see link, where it says: incredible fantastic picture!!!)

django, Sep 13 2006

Algae dome home http://i3.photobuck...iesel/algaedome.jpg
Incredibly fantastic picture!!! [django, Sep 13 2006]

Using algae to make biodiesel http://www.unh.edu/...l/article_alge.html
Wide-scale biodiesel production from algae [django, Sep 13 2006]

Closed-loop algae system in the Negev desert http://biopact.com/...fuels-in-negev.html
With a cool picture, showing tubes full of living algae [django, Sep 13 2006]

Translucent bioplastic dome MeinHaus_ae
They exist!! [django, Sep 13 2006]


       I hate to do this, but I kindly ask more people to vote on this because I crashed my PC many times just to generate this incredibly fantastic picture. Please vote, either way!!!
django, Sep 15 2006

       I misread this as 'Algae come home'. I was expecting a tear-jerking tale of a family's quest to find their missing pet algae.   

       This idea is better. [+]
imaginality, Sep 15 2006

       Great idea. Picture looks like somebody dropped a booger covered marble.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 15 2006

       Not sure how I missed this one. (+)   



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