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Better Broom2

A better handle for brooms, rakes, garden hoes, vacuum,etc.
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Add an elbow crutch to the appropriate tool. It provides leverage, and the ability to use two hand tools with one hand. =)

What is an elbow crutch?


search "Elbow Crutch"

Holeinmysock, Aug 15 2007

Elbow Crutch http://images.googl...Search+Images&gbv=2
As cited in the idea. [reap, Aug 16 2007]


       Whoops, double posted. The first one was without any info! This is what it should have said!
Holeinmysock, Aug 15 2007

       You can link to a google search by making the google search, copying the URL in the taskbar and then pasting it into the link funtion, which you get to by clicking 'link' under the idea.   

       People will more likely follow links than do searches when you ask them. Lazy, the lot of us.   

       You can also edit your idea at any time, which means you no longer have to have the '2' after the title.
theleopard, Aug 15 2007

       Like a sythe?
marklar, Aug 15 2007

       Righto! Actually, I hit 'Enter' before I typed anything, and it tried to advance a page. I hit 'Esc' to stop it, and then continued writing it out. The page is probably coded to add a numeral to the Idea Name.   

       Alas, by the time I noticed, it was too late. The deed was done, and I do regret it.
Holeinmysock, Aug 15 2007

       If you do regret it, why don't you just fix it? You can edit your idea title, same as the subtitle and the text.
jutta, Aug 15 2007


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