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that make the best use of resources
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Why doesn't someone build apartments above or next to a company like Adobe or Cisco? The shareing of resources makes good sense. Adobe has lots of bandwidth, phone lines, access to power, heating cooling, parking, etc that are in heavy use during the day and mostly idle evenings and weekends. The same resources in an apartment building are generally idle during the day and used more heavily evenings and weekends. Other resources could be shared or added like security people, dry cleaning, day care facilities, convenience store. The company could reserve some of the apartments for business visitors to save on hotel and car rental costs. They could also make some available for commuting workers to stay in on nights they didn't want to drive home.
paulrobsj, Dec 27 2004


       Another excellent question to corporations in the, "What have you done for me lately?" category.   

       Some cities have by-laws allowing 10% residency in a commercial/industrially zoned building itself. You save heat, light, parking, cable, phone. They save security, kitchen clean up, overtime entertainment.   

       Otherwise it is called an apartment-hotel. An apartment building is purchased and different companies rent a suite for visiting businessmen.
mensmaximus, Dec 27 2004

       Plenty of buildings in NY mix retial, office, hotel and residential uses in one combination or another.
DrCurry, Dec 27 2004

       I would say it's widely known to exist, but if you really want to live in a corporate building, lease some space.
contracts, Dec 28 2004


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