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alarm clock with digital calendar

reminds you of important holidays / dates when you wake up
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an alarm clock that looks like a normal alarm clock but is more advanced as it can remind you of important dates. When it beeps in the morning it will alternate displaying the time and a text message of what holiday it is. A off the shelf 'American' version will have all the holidays pre programmed. A usb port and or remote control could be used to program other important days. family birthdays, anniversary's, etc. It could also be set to let you know a few days before.
gopher, Feb 02 2008

Weekly Alarm Cock Weekly_20alarm_20clock
Prior Art [csea, Feb 02 2008]

Chumby http://www.chumby.com/
Programmable, internet-connected alarm clock. Pricey, but if you find yourself coming up with a lot of these ideas, it might be a worthwhile platform. [jutta, Feb 03 2008]


       I am pretty sure my cellphone already has this.
DanDaMan, Feb 02 2008

       Kind of like this but with a whole year's memory[link]?
csea, Feb 02 2008

       //A off the shelf // An "n" and maybe some hyphens?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 03 2008


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