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Adding space to a mobile home.

Exploiting the space beneath a mobile home.
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The story so far...

Mobile homes are built on a metal frame. Wheels and tow bar are attached and it shoots down the highway to its mostly final destination. The home rests on cement blocks or jacks at a height roughly the diameter of the tires it was shipped by.

The tires and tow bar are usually sold and removed. A skirting is installed, after the utilities are connected. Several sets of steps or ramps are built or hauled in AND ALL OF THE SPACE UNDERNEATH IS FORGOTTEN!

With the exception of a ladder or two the vast space (full of spiders and obstructed by jacks and ducting and wires and pipes) is empty and unused.

A common bitch by mobile dwellers is: "I got no space to put stuff!"


Ten ways to exploit the inner space of a mobile home:

1. Shoe box without lid (size and material TBD) Pull out or roll out. (Spiders)

2. Shoe box with lid (size and material TBD) Pull out or roll out. (Fewer spiders.)

3. Pet housing Dog house Lidded shoe box with dog size door cut in the skirting.

4. Child's fort and play space. Lidded shoe box with child size door cut in the skirting. ( Or grandparent stowage or dads den or moms sewing room. )

5. Roll out roll back took rack

6. Deer and fish Freezer Instead of the one locked on the back porch. y'all Roll out roll back

7. Air conditioner Instead of setting in the yard Roll out for maintenance.

8. Bait tank or aquarium Rolling out a large tank of water won't end well Trap door in the porch floor?

9. Secret spy listening post (oops don't tell anyone)

10. Full bar and barbecue pull out with several chair and table pull outs for the entertainers. (music swells)

11. Place for drunks to crawl in and crash without confronting the spouse. Hole torn in skirting and pukey mattress shoved in. (had to clean up one of these. Yuk)

12. 12. Wine cellar Thanks juist

13. Hothouse for pot or other plants. no lights Mushroom farm? Thanks Alterother


popbottle, Oct 01 2013


       //had to clean up one of these// That's kind of like yelling "Baked!" on your own idea...
lurch, Oct 01 2013

       You could use the space as a firepit.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 01 2013

       12. Wine cellar (with or without the pukey mattress).
jurist, Oct 01 2013

       An individual in my state was recently discovered to be growing marijuana in a pit dug beneath his trailer. Supposedly he crammed almost 100 plants under there, with HID lights affixed to the bottom of the floor and irrigation lines run from the bathroom.   

       So...yeah, short of actually manufacturing and marketing containers designed specifically to go under trailer homes, I'd say this one's pretty baked.
Alterother, Oct 01 2013


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