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A crowd of people whispering the sounds of the tide

Ultimate relaxation
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Two of the most relaxing sounds in the world are people whispering and shushing quietly, and the sound of the tide rushing in and out. If these two sounds were combined, it would be better than a sedative for putting you at ease.

If a group of people were recorded while softly imitating the tide (by going "shhhhh" at different volumes) it would be perfect for babies, or for a person like me who just can't go to sleep.

DrWorm, Sep 07 2010

you can sell it here http://www.partners...fx/citysounds.shtml
[xandram, Sep 07 2010]

Environments http://en.wikipedia...vironments_(series)
I own "Environments 9" on vinyl. It's excellent. [hippo, Sep 08 2010]

Human Rain Storm Activity http://www.boyscout...ty/activity-909.asp
Sounds sort of like this. [csea, Sep 09 2010]


       and pigeons cooing.
po, Sep 07 2010

       if this turns into a list - it will be a remarkable din.
po, Sep 07 2010

       I dunno, whispers just make me more attentive. But the end result of thousands of them might be pretty awesome. + Move to the sea?
daseva, Sep 07 2010

       All right, which one of you jokers whispered "rhubarb" ?
mouseposture, Sep 08 2010

       Wasn't there a car (Honda?) advert using exactly this idea?
Twizz, Sep 08 2010

       [hippo], is that record available digitally?
DrWorm, Sep 08 2010

       <Simpsons>I'll just make some soothing ocean sounds for you.
[blows, imitating waves]
[imitates foghorn]
[squawks loudly, upsetting Marge]
[blows again]
[Long John Silver] Arr, matey!</s>
rcarty, Sep 09 2010

       [DrWorm] - I don't think so
hippo, Sep 09 2010

       Sounds somewhat like "Human Rain Storm Activity." [link]
csea, Sep 09 2010

       This is a paranoiac's nightmare.
swimswim, Sep 09 2010


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