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Triple J Hottest 100 on DVD

The complete collection of clips on DVD
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Here in Australia is a hugely popular nation-wide radio station called Triple J, whose main focus is on alternative music.

Each year since 1989 they have run a poll called the Hottest 100 to determine which are the best 100 songs released this year. Soon after, a CD is released featuring around 36 of the winners, and the 100 video clips from the winners are also shown on the music program "Rage", rather ironically on the government run TV network (who also happen to own Triple J).

Combining both the CD and the broadcast, the DVD places ALL 100 video clips on DVD for our viewing pleasure.

Probably not all on one disc, but it is very possible, after all they did fit the first season of the X-Files in a box set, plus there could be room for special features. Commentary perhaps?

Of course, this would work with other music compliations just as well.

mrkillboy, Oct 22 2000

JJJ Hottest 100 http://www.abc.net....test100/default.htm
The poll's homepage. [mrkillboy, Oct 22 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Acually, PeterSealy, I once saw a video jukebox in a pub in Glasgow, but it was quite expensive. Mind you, this was way before DVD (1989) and the thing used laser discs.   

       Today, all you'd need to do is cram a bunch of video clips onto a DVD. The sound is already CD quality or better. You could probably fit quite a few clips onto one DVD- maybe 40-60 or more depending on length.
BigThor, Oct 24 2000

       I'm pretty sure that the Beastie Boys Anthology is coming out in DVD form with audio commentary to the video clips.
mrkillboy, Oct 24 2000


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