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"The Piano"

multiple genres, one instrument
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Perhaps my musical education is not what it should be, but a quick search for "album 'one instrument'" didn't seem show this idea. Basically you take one instrument (piano) and have various musicians play music from their own genres on that particular piano. You might start off with a jazz player, then switch to a classical music player, then rockabilly, gospel, traditional, blues, avant-gard, etc. Ideally the players would be established artists. The point is: one piano can sound so very different in the hands of good musicians. I suppose other albums can be done for the violin and guitar.
Gamma48, Aug 12 2009

Boesendorfer CEUS http://www.boesendo...oducing-system.html
Possibly useful tool. Note esp. "umpteen" [csea, Aug 12 2009]

Irrelevant, and yet twice now opening this idea I thought of this... http://www.darkroas...cal-instrument.html
...so I'm posting it again. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 12 2009]


       [+] 'twould be good for A/B'ing makes and models. Imagine an industry standard suite of pieces to put new models through their paces.
FlyingToaster, Aug 12 2009

       Or the fuckin' theremin!!
desolationrow, Aug 12 2009

       "saw play" the album. genres: folk, heavy metal, playground.
wjt, Aug 12 2009

       I would like to hear piano electronica.
DrWorm, Aug 12 2009

       /Or the fuckin' theremin!!/   

       I can imagine how one might play it. It would help to be male, I think.
bungston, Aug 12 2009


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