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CD case +

A CD case storage and playback system
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I fully accept that the amount of effort to get all of the worlds record companies to buy into this makes it virtually impossible however:

I still like buying CD's and so do many other people. The quality is much better and unless the CD breaks I don't lose my collection every time I have a disk crash. I also like a few shelves full of CD's that I can browse until I find what I want.

With this system, the CD case would incorporate a flash drive containing the uncompressed contents of the CD. The case would have connecting strips along the bottom that would slide into a built-for-purpose CD shelf/rack which would register it onto my system making it immediately available through my playlist without having to copy it to another drive. In addition, the spine of the CD case would have an LED light and a play button. When I play that particular CD it lights up on my shelf. If I am browsing the shelf and locate the CD I want to play I can push the play button on the spine to start it playing.

The same system could be implemented for DVD's.

The_Saint, Nov 26 2009


       Are you suggesting that the flash memory is as well as the disk? In which case the price will go up. Or are you suggesting the flash memory is instead of the disk? In which case there is built in obsolescence - will your system in 12 years time be able to read the flash, and if so will there be anything coherent on it?   

       Or, as a third option, is this an aftermarket thing? i.e. it is an empty jewel case with space to insert the liner notes and booklet and disk, and also contains the electronics & connector. First time of playing the disk, you just have to put the empty case on the shelf so the system can load the data onto the flash memory.   

       Or, as a fourth option, like [21] suggests, the jewel case could have an open fore-edge, and the shelving can have a tortuous mechanism involving spring loaded arms, pinions, shafts, pulleys and tracks, to extract the CD, send it trundling down an elevated trackway, flip it onto the platter and start playing...   

       What about digipaks?
pocmloc, Nov 26 2009

       I had thought of it as flash memory as well as the disk. Yes, it would cost more but could perhaps be offered as a premium alternative. I think your third option would work well since you could use it for your existing collection as well. I'm quietly ignoring the fourth option.
The_Saint, Nov 26 2009

       I like the general idea [+]
FlyingToaster, Nov 26 2009

       Maybe you could link your shelf position to your digital sound system (PC). A "snake" would run along the shelf, with a position for each CD. At each "slot" there is a switch and an LED. You would need to record each CD once on your PC. While recording, you press the button on the slot where the CD case will live. The LED will light in confirmation. Next time you press the button, the PC will play the corresponding recording.   

       It might even be clever enough to realise when you've added a new disk in the middle of a "full" section, and shuffle the others up. Other changes, like swapping a pair of CDs over would need better interaction.   

       Maybe another sensor is needed to see if a slot is free or not. That might help in the "Swap disks" scenario - e.g. if you take 2 disks out within 10 seconds of each other, and 2 disks come back within 10 seconds...   

       And maybe the snake lies under the front edge of the CD case, so that pushing down on the top of the CD "presses the button" for you.
VaquitaTim, Nov 27 2009

       I like the idea [VaquitaTim], it could be a low cost alternative. Not hard to see it terminating in a USB plug. One of the thoughts behind the idea, though, was to have each CD on its own flash drive and not have all my music on one vulnerable hard disk which may be somewhat related to a recent disk crash which meant having to rip all my CD's again.
The_Saint, Nov 27 2009


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