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Beatles Covers

Album of Beatles covers with every line containing the word "love" removed
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Bright are the stars that shine, Dark is the sky....(lonely eight-bar steel guitar solo)
McNugget, Jan 26 2009

Beatallica http://www.beatallica.org/beatallica.html
Beatles and Metallica, mashed up together. [jaksplat, Jan 26 2009]


       Or you can just buy blank media at any music store.
phundug, Jan 26 2009

       [marked_for_deletion] Blasphemy
coprocephalous, Jan 26 2009

       Throw in all of "Imagine" and you've got my vote ! [+]
batou, Jan 26 2009

       If you removed every Beatles song containing the word love, how many are left?   

Not a Beatles record.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 26 2009

       I this idea. +
Laughs Last, Jan 27 2009


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