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Warning: GUITAR

Large Red Warning Label on classical music albums that have been transcribed for guitar
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Obviously few people would buy the recording of the Mozart piano sonata if they knew it was being played on a guitar, so guitarists try to hide that fact by not mentioning it on the label (you have to notice the picture on the album to tell), or they write it in tiny print somewhere on the back. Pianists like to write "[Performer's Name], Piano" and cellists are proud to write ", Cello". But the instrument is conveniently left out by guitar players who record the same album.

Guitarists, I understand your frustration, but as a result it takes me longer to scan through music albums, and especially when browsing music sites on the web, I now have to be vigilant to the phrase /guitar/ in the web URL because browsing by title provides no warning information.

Why not put a red label, "GUITAR" right out front where people can see it; then guitar enthusiasts can grab the guitar CD's easily and those of us who want the original instrumentation can bypass the guitar ones quickly. Thank you.

phundug, Oct 16 2007


       As a guitarist I'm tempted to bone you for the anti-guitar attitude. :) But really, the proposal would make it easier to find classical guitar discs, and if extended could make it easier to find cello, piano, oboe or hurdy-gurdy albums in the sales bins.
Noexit, Oct 16 2007

       Duh oh...jinbish is sleeping I presume ;-)
blissmiss, Oct 16 2007

       That would save me from those pesky "Variations on Wagner's Ring Cycle" for noseflute and tea-chest bass cds that I keep buying.
Murdoch, Oct 17 2007

       I met someone at a party recently who said she'd recently bought (and liked) a CD of the Beatles played on panpipes - I really didn't know what to say.
hippo, Oct 17 2007

       <Yawns, rubs eyes and reaches for his bagpipes>
Jinbish, Oct 17 2007

       Louder, [Jinbish]; we can't hear you in Australia!
pertinax, Oct 17 2007

       My friend Roland, who plays French and tango music on accordion, has a business card that says "Ask About Our No-Polka Guarantee". (This seemed to go along with the printed-music-warning theme.)
Ander, Oct 18 2007

       // I met someone at a party recently who said she'd recently bought (and liked) a CD of the Beatles played on panpipes - I really didn't know what to say.//
How about, "I'll meet you in the elevator where we can listen to it together."
xandram, Oct 18 2007

       //Warning: GUITAR //   

       When you wrote the word 'guitar', did you have your other hand clenched with your little finger and thumb extended?   

       Like this: ROCK
theleopard, Oct 18 2007


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