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Adjustable Kuzzy

Kuzzy, huggie, snuggie, whatever you call that drink cup insulator thing.
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I got a new kuzzy the other day, so I excitedly put a beer in it to keep it cool. Little did I know that the kuzzy was too big, meaning I almost lost my beer when I bumped someone. Why, oh why, didn't my beer fit? What I needed was an adjustable kuzzy. It's a kuzzy that has a screw in the bottom and a separate foam rubber insert. When the screw is turned the foam rubber insert cinches down on whatever is in the kuzzy, when turned the other way it lets up. So now I have a kuzzy that can hold any size beer bottle/can.
barnzenen, Oct 21 2002


       Sorta baked & very effective in early, early 80's - velcro closures.
thumbwax, Oct 21 2002


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