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Coconut Holder

For the car and home!
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Here in St. Lucia, coconuts are literally everywhere. But indulging in their refreshing liquid content requires two hands and I have yet to find a car with cupholders big enough for a coconut.

A coconut holder would need to be at least 8 inches wide, with screws in the side that would hold your tropical produce in place and help to balance it to prevent tipping. The whole apparatus would mount on a base suitable for use in a regular cupholder with stabilizers if you want to put it on the table at home. Extra long bendy straws not included.

DIYMatt, Aug 10 2010

Cocos Nucifera http://upload.wikim...f/Coconut_drink.jpg
(for those of you that live in cold places) [DIYMatt, Aug 10 2010]

Vitacoco http://www.vitacoco.com/
in plastic; easier to fit in holder. [bungston, Aug 11 2010]


       what 21 said of course! yay - +1   

       can we have this in the bathroom as a TP holder extra?
po, Aug 10 2010

       [+] Coconut water is one of the most refreshing things in the world.
DrWorm, Aug 10 2010

       Green coconut water would be heaven on a hot day like this. I haven't had a fresh one in five years now.   

       Damn you for reminding me.   

baconbrain, Aug 10 2010

       Tired, head-achey bunners. I could really use a coconut. But instead I'll add my tardy croissant. Sorry.   

       Just in case anybody is confused, most Americans have only seen mature coconuts (in stores) that have hard, brown, hairy shells, with thick, hard dry white meat inside, and a dribble of thin liquid inside that tastes like cardboard.   

       A green (immature) coconut is completely full of cellular fluid that is the best hot-weather drink ever. The shell is soft, but still covered with the floatation fiber coat that has a green skin, while the meat is just starting to jell inside the shell, and can be scraped out with a spoon.   

       A cold green coconut to drink from is heaven. Why in hell tourist places pour rum into them I do not know, but that's what you see in movies and brochures, a green coconut.   

       Five years ago I sat at a roadside table, in the shade of the palm trees, buying fresh-picked green coconuts for my best friend and for my favorite driver, looking out at the ocean and knowing I'd never be back there again.   

       Twenty cents bought a green coconut then--all the money I now have could not get me another fresh green coconut.
baconbrain, Aug 10 2010

       You never know, I walked into a hippie cafe in the middle of North Carolina recently and found a fresh coconut. Yes, it was 12 times the price of one here in St. Lucia, but delicious still.
DIYMatt, Aug 11 2010

       Do you think coconut shells could hold pressure? Because if they can, I'm thinking that carbonated coconuts would be a great idea.
DrWorm, Aug 11 2010

       Only ever had it once. Nectar.   

       An in-car coconut holder would have to have gimbals. In general, more things should have gimbals.
hippo, Aug 11 2010

       noddy holder - how cute.
po, Aug 11 2010

       + Yay, I love coconuts!! (I've been to the tropics!)
xandram, Aug 11 2010

       never been, never had one, sounds divine. +
dentworth, Aug 11 2010

       A biologist told me that green coconut water is practically the same as the stuff inside cells ... but in a good way. Some folks transfuse it as blood plasma, even. It is what you need.   

       Notice that it is almost always called "water" in the local language. The liquid you find inside a mature coconut may be called "milk" in America, but the "milk" you find in cans in the Thia food section of your grocer's is actually creamed mature-coconut meat and liquid.   

       Thanks for the Vitacoco link, [bungston]. Now I have to find a store whilst not getting my hopes up too high.
baconbrain, Aug 12 2010

       I picked up a tetrapak of Vitacoco at a Whole Foods a couple months ago. It was good, and they seemed to have a lot of it in stock.
DrWorm, Aug 12 2010

       How about three little pegs?
Cuit_au_Four, Aug 12 2010


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