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Wide Base Can/Bottle "Huggie"

Keeps your beverage from tipping over
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"Huggies" or "snuggies" are those insulator thingies that people use to keep cans and bottles cold. Some slip on, some zip on.

How about making them with extra-wide bases. That way, they're less prone to tipping over. Handy for when the beverage includes liquor, and your motor coordination is off a bit.

This was inspired by experiences with a friend who knocks over her soda can frequently, ruining our playing cards.
quarterbaker, Dec 21 2001

Bean bag mug http://www.halfbake...ag_20mug#1004499454
[phoenix, Dec 21 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Bean bag mug http://www.halfbake...mug.html#1004499454
[phoenix, Oct 06 2004]


       Do these things have handles on the sides, like mugs? It might be annoying if they were too wide to grip properly round the body of the cup/bottle/glass/can.   

       You could also add rubber or something to the bottoms to stop them sliding and make them more stable.
pottedstu, Dec 21 2001

       Maybe a huggie with a removable "fat base" option. When taken off, fits into a car cup-holder well.
jimithing, Dec 21 2001

       Chairs with cupholders in the arms are baked I think, certainly kitchen or garden type plastic furniture, so that's another way to go. Or make a table with cup-sized depressions around the edge like they have on airplane tables. Fitting a cup into a cupholder is going to be more secure; the problems are that (a) you need cupholders, and (b) drunk people may have trouble getting the cup into the cupholder. I kind of reckon drunk people will spill drinks no matter what you do, actually.
pottedstu, Dec 21 2001

       So I should just get sober friends? That doesn't sound fun. Is there a FriendSwap store around these parts?

I guess I could go after Grandmas antique dining table with a circle cutter.

Is that more or less radical than gluing a glass to the table and giving the drunk gal a straw?
quarterbaker, Dec 21 2001

       Well, it's harder to poke your eye out with Grandma's table.   

       I posted an idea for a bean-bag based mug (my first post here, I believe) and there are similar ideas in that catagory for use in cars. How about a bean-bag base huggy?
phoenix, Dec 21 2001

       I usually just drink out of containers that have a screw-on cap (soda, liquour bottles, etc.). When I'm not slurping I keep the cap on, so even if I knock my drink over it doesn't spill. Or you could decant your friend's drink into one of those plastic sippie / hospital things, whatever they're called.
snarfyguy, Dec 22 2001

       Hook 'em up to an I.V..
phoenix, Dec 22 2001

       quarterbaker, the huggies I've seen--if we're on the same page here--are made of spongy foam much like the stuff used for the sleeping pads used by backpackers (trekkers). Can you get one of these pads, cut out nice fat disks of the stuff, and glue them to the bottom of your special huggies for drunken parties?
Dog Ed, Dec 22 2001

       What about a pear shape weighed cup which would roll the right way up, whichever way it is placed?
neelandan, Dec 22 2001

       dredge, ha, do you write those little mottoes in the po white crackers UnaBubba?
po, Dec 22 2001

       Huggies are disposable diapers in the US, too. My brother and I usually call these things 'beer socks'.
StarChaser, Dec 22 2001

       Yeh, I was just about to halfbake up a small variation on this idea. My variation: these would be rubber rings which slip over restaurant water glasses and slide down to the bottom. There they provide an extra wide base, rendering the cup resistant to jostles. These rings would come out for tables with 4 year olds and other small children who are prone to flail and reach, and tip their drink. The rings go in the dishwasher at the end of the night.
bungston, Mar 05 2004


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