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Turtle Cup

A glass that "goes into it's shell" as long as someone's not holding it.
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This cup has layered retractable fins on the top, that are closed and cover the opening of the cup shut, as long as nobody is holding the cup. If someone holds the cup, the fins open.

The fin system is attached to the cup with a rubberized seal around the edge of the cup. The only part that the drinker notices different is the thin rubber lining. Along with the fins, a ring slides down to the midpoint of the cup with two spring activated pressure points, whereby the user presses, with thumb and forefinger, to force the fins open. The necessary pressure to open the fins should not be much greater than is required to lift the cup in the first place. This design allows for universality, attaching to any cup that fits the design, different designs may fit different cup sizes.

daseva, May 12 2005


       Add a thumb print password and you could leave your drink on the bar while going to the rest room without fear of the date rape drug.
futurebird, May 12 2005

       I like that addition. Of course, such a costly model would only attract the affluent, but a good value added product never hurt anyone!   

       Turtle Cup XL 2001. Sweet.
daseva, May 12 2005

       Always on the lookout for new ways to keep bees out of my glass during the summer months. +
Shz, May 12 2005


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