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mason jarf

Mason jar zarf for the car
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A zarf* that holds a standard Mason** jar, but with a small bottom that will fit into a car cup holder.

* A zarf is a holder for a glass container in which hot beverages are served.

** A Mason jar is a canning jar. Why do I drink out of pint canning jars? Because they are cheap, they keep beverages hot or cold for just the right amount of time, and they can be used for short- and long- term storage. You can put an airtight lid on them if you need to.

Hey, here's another idea - A Mason jar lid with a sip spout and a built-in handle.

I'm kind of a redneck.

nomocrow, Sep 22 2008


       Have you ever seen those Mason jar tea glasses that have handles built into them?   

       Never heard of a zarf. [+] for extending the Mason jar into the car.
Noexit, Sep 22 2008

       Will you be our mason jar car zarf czar?
jutta, Sep 22 2008

       **Pssst - Jutta - check your meds**
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 22 2008

       [jutta] if I can still play guitar at the cigar and candy bar bazaar.
nomocrow, Sep 22 2008

       I have 12oz (knockoff)Mason jars with handles on them; great for pre-mixing drinks for picnics or for when you can't be arsed to plug in the blender (just put a lid on and shake).
FlyingToaster, Sep 22 2008

       "Not ashamed to drink Lone Star out of mason jars" apparently distinguishes the members of my college's student cooperatives from other campus cultures, according to the student paper.   

       As such I demand a zarf (we call them koozies here) for my beer.
ryokan, Sep 22 2008

       I am more of a wetneck than a redneck after drinking out of Mason jars. I find that the threads prevent a firm lip seal around the edge.
bungston, Sep 22 2008

       I remember my mum refusing to drink from a Mason jar in some hillbilly-kitsch restaurant. She was polite, but firm. It was for poor folks, and she wasn't having with it. Maybe a zarf would have helped.   

       Mind you, she'd preserved food in many a boiler full of Mason jars in years past. Amazing lady, my mum. [+]
baconbrain, Sep 22 2008

       + oh yes, when travelling with an *open container* of vodka, I always use a mason jar.(closed, could looked sealed) Even if it's top-shelf vodka, my friends call it my *moonshine*! (but I never put it in the cup holder) Now, if everyone did it...
xandram, Sep 23 2008

       Great idea. Best drinks I ever remember in my life were from Mason jars. I'm also a Red Neck and damn proud of it.
Blisterbob, Sep 23 2008


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