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Loo-stall beverage holder

Because the paper holder roof is too sloped
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I have a morning ritual. The part I'll share goes like this: I get to work on the morning, spend a solid half an hour boning every new invention on the bakery*, then go to the 8th floor for coffee. On my way back from coffee I stop in at the 7th floor loo for a few minutes to do some, um, paperwork. Meanwhile, I have a 28oz cuppa joe, the only place of which to set is on the floor. This just grosses me out. If loo paper holder manufacturers would just make flat top dispensers, it would be fine. But many loo doors have hooks on them for coats, why not a fold down tray (15cmx15cm or so) for coffee. Ideally, I'd like the loo to have an outlet and a network connection as well for those longer sessions. Another idea, perhaps.

For now, holding my coffee would be a nice extra treat from my loo experience.

*This part made up. Mostly.

bdag, Oct 22 2009


       1.4 pints of coffee? crickey. no wonder your loo breaks are so lengthy.
po, Oct 22 2009

       Props to your loo-holder manufacturer or building manager for installing those. You'll note I said a little tray. Flat. Not sure how you'd piss in that. Make it of metal mesh if you like. Would just need a small enough spring that a few ounces weight would keep it down. Probably not recommended for public restrooms in your city buildings, more for private restrooms in office buildings.
bdag, Oct 22 2009

       maybe I'm a purist, but I like to keep my beverages and bathroom activities as separate as possible.   

       Why not make a stop on the way _up_?
CaptainClapper, Oct 22 2009

       On the way up I'm carrying my lunchbox to the fridge. Somehow it seems nicer to start drinking coffee as soon as possible.
bdag, Oct 22 2009


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