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Anti ageing pro-biotic skin cream

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a skin cream that is chosen on the basis of; gender, age, body area, how old your skin looks and how old you want your skin to look.

This is a purely superficial l treatment, mainly for superficial people who would buy it even if it was only an advertising gimmick, witch it is not.

For example a 60 year old woman might want the skin, between the wrinkles, on her face to look like that of a 20 year old woman. This cream would contain the micro-flora from the face of a 20 year old woman, plus all of the goodness of a 20 year olds sweat

The micro-flora will be selected stains, grown in a lab. And the sweat will be a cocktail of; fats, salt, hormones, etc. everything that these bacteria need to flourish.

There are three underlying assumption behind this idea
a] That a persons body chemistry, hormone levels etc changes with age.
b] That the part of those changes the is expressed in sweat will change the micro-floral population.
c] That the appearance of this microscopically thin layer of living skin will have a noticeable effect on the apparent age of the skin beneath it.

Ideally the cosmetics companies looking to sell pro-biotic skin creams can be harnessed to do some good, and help to fund round two of the Human Microbiome Project.

j paul, Aug 11 2011

Human Microbiome Project. https://commonfund....v/hmp/overview.aspx
[j paul, Aug 11 2011]

wikipedia Human Microbiome Project http://en.wikipedia..._microbiome_project
[j paul, Aug 11 2011]


       Or you could just have the dog lick your face...
RayfordSteele, Aug 11 2011

       More economical to use cheap vegetable fat, but market with the suggested pseudoscience. Even better if all the words are translated into gobbeldegook.
pocmloc, Aug 11 2011

       Oh, look! Her face is all covered in Saccharomyces cerevisiae! And it only looks about 20 years old!
lurch, Aug 11 2011


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