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Automatic Lip Liner

Designs the perfect lip outline.
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Very few women have "Perfect Lips". Most are too thin, too plump, crooked or uneven and yet we all desire the "Perfect Lips"! The Automatic Lip Liner comes with 10 preset patterns for the mouth of your dreams; Pouty, Sensual, Gir-Next-Door, Sweetie Pie etc... Just dial in your choice, load the liner color of the day and hold to the center of your closed lips. All you have left to do is apply the lip color you love and you're out the door. Problem solved, Lady Luscious is on her way!
kwilkins, Nov 28 2000

Homer Simpson's "Makeup Gun" http://www.redbrick...homer/makeupgun.jpg
For the woman who only has four-fifth of a second to get ready. [jutta, Nov 28 2000]


       Don't forget the "Jane Jetson" make-up spray!
O I C, Nov 29 2000

       What exactly does a "girl next door" mouth look like? I'm used to the "stop watching football and listen to me" mouth.
djmills, Dec 13 2000

       Your lips may curl when they touch mine. As far as I'm concerned, they are whole and perfect.   

       Dial away, but I can see through the disguise... to the beauty beneath.
Vance, Jan 29 2001


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