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Anti splash toilet.

Inspiration from diving pools.
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Since alot of splash comes from breaking surface tension in the water like when you splunk a rock or what ever the equivilent in your country is, the rock plunges though the surface and creates a "hole" in the surface of the water, when the water rushes back to fill this gap is when the large secondary splash occurs. This is the one that gets you when your sitting on the toilet. In a diving contest the surface tension of the water is broken already using spraying jets of water or bubbles comming up from the bottom of the pool, what this does is break the surface tension of the water already so like a wave when it is onshore the hole created in the surface will "crumble" back into itself, this creates less of a splash as the sides of the hole in the water do not slap together. even though thats not the aim of the water or bubbles it could be applied in a toilet so that the "splash factor" is greatly reduced. By pumping bubbles though the bottom of the toilet and or creating a current that constantly swirls the toilet water the "splash factor" could be nearly eliminated, those of us in cold cliamtes know how bad the "splash factor" can be in winter when you have just got out of a warm bed. The more agitated the water the less splashing will occour.
Gulherme, Aug 13 2002

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[calum, Aug 13 2002]


       It was hardly that bad. The Japanese would love this unless/if they have the plop-on-the-shelf, bother-to-clean-up loos.
FarmerJohn, Aug 13 2002

       I hate those loos with the little shelf - they have them a lot in Europe, especially Germany, and I think they're gross .....
8th of 7, Aug 13 2002

       Come on UnaBubba, thats a waste of resources. Besides, that only catches the first stool.   

       I think splashback is the premier problem facing toilet designers today.   

       What exactly would the action be? Vortex, blend or jauzzi?
Loris, Aug 13 2002

       I was toying with the idea of a spinning blade just above the waterline but this would be too noisy and messy, I think a circular current with air bubbles being pumped into it from the bottom and sides this would need to be at a fast enough rate to agitate the water enough to prevent the splash back and allow the water to crumble when hit like white water. The whirl pool would stop side splash although this isn't as big as the secondary splashback it contributes to the secondary splash by slapping back into meet in the middle. Priliminary research is underway.
Gulherme, Aug 13 2002

       This "toilet spa" will be turned on and off from the light switch like the bathroom fan and heater. It might even make a good foot spa after a long day on your feet. [joking] The roar of the rolling rapid that you speak of unabubba will also drown out the embarresing splashing noises that are the subject of the "silent toilet" idea.
Gulherme, Aug 13 2002

       Oooooh, a whitewater toilet. That's interesting. You could set the rapids at different difficulty levels for the "rafts" in the water...   

       People pay actual dollars for recordings of bubbling brooks and ocean waves to fall asleep to. Now, they just have to set their toilet on bubbly mode.
polartomato, Aug 13 2002

       Shelf on loos? What kid of "shelf" are you taking about? Do I want to know?
BinaryCookies, Aug 13 2002

       I believe he was referring to a little projection from the side of the toilet that sticks out to catch whatever foulies may fall. Then when you flush, the water washes them off the shelf and down the drain.
polartomato, Aug 13 2002

       I expect you didn't want to know that. Neither did I.
hinkle, Aug 13 2002

       I've done some reasearch today with a small fishtank pump and a bubble stone and some bits of appropriately shaped wood if anybody is interested. It seems like it works I havent been able to make the amount of bubbles I would have liked though.
Gulherme, Aug 15 2002

       Gultherme: How about one of those 12V car tyre inflators ? They have quite a high output when they're not pumping against a high back pressure. That might gibe you enough bubbles. You might need more stones to handle the flow, or a perforated pipe or gauze.
8th of 7, Aug 15 2002

       But fizzing up the water would eliminate the whole point of going to the loo, namely, spinning round and marvelling at what you just done. This is the thinking behind the shelf feature.
General Washington, Aug 15 2002

       and a strong digestion.
General Washington, Aug 15 2002

       .... mayhap a little like reviewing one's own halfbakery postings ?
8th of 7, Aug 15 2002

       // Peering at your own turds is a sure sign of a weak mind. //   

       Its also the best way to check for the early signs of colon cancer...
MrKangaroo, Oct 18 2003

       Good in concept, yet some tings are not taken into account. Such a toilet would, in the process of making bubbles, send tiny water particles into the air. That means that any contaminants in the toilet, i.e. urine, feces, bacteria, would be sent into the air. A serious health hazard. Some contaminated particles of water are sent into the air already using a conventional flush toilet, and it eludes me as to why no one has came up with a way to eliminate this. But if a toilet were built around this idea it would pose a very large health risk. Sorry, but fishbone for you :( .
thelambs, Oct 18 2003

       //peering at your own turds is a sure sign of a weak mind//   

       What about peeing at your own turds, is that ok?
Gulherme, Oct 19 2003

       one advantage of standing-water in toilet bowl is to seal the odor from wandering up your nose. the white-water toilet better have some powerful deodorant mixed in!
synergy~, Oct 19 2003

       I was considering using sound waves or some other vibrations to break the surface tension. The smell would still be contained as long as the turd sinks.
Flipmastacash, Jun 05 2008

       //Oh great! Another pathetic dunny idea. Just what we need.//   

       UnaBubba, Aug 13 2002   

       Glad to see the combative style isn't a recent development.
wagster, Jun 05 2008

       "Glad to see the combative style isn't a recent development."
No, he's actually mellowed quite a bit since he was a child.
phoenix, Jun 05 2008


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