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Toilet Anti-Splash

For big pan splashes!
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Sensors (down the pan) sense water travelling down and travelling up. When it locates water going up it zaps it with a static electricity charger frazzling it before it hits you. Leaving you high and dry. Phew.
DIABLO, May 01 2003

Envirolet Toilet http://www.envirolet.com/wt.html
No water, no splash. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]

Squat Toilets in Japan http://www.links.ne...trip/japan/toilets/
A healthy evacuation with no water. [my face your, Oct 04 2004]


       Personally I am quite fond of this experience, however I can understand how some would find this uncomfortable, I just wouldn't have one installed.
Mr Risk, May 01 2003

       UnaBubba, I think you are onto something. Maybe an elevator or dumb waiter contraption would be more sanitary.   

       "it zaps it with a static electricity charger frazzling it before it hits you"   

       So the water gets what, disoriented or something, and forgets where it was going?
gootyam, May 01 2003

       How about a set of strong fans in the rim that blow down and keep everything down, something like a downdraft hood for those modern kitchens. - Of course you still have to figure out where to put the exhaust.
kbecker, May 01 2003

       Deeper toilets.
Worldgineer, May 01 2003

       Deeper toilets = bigger splashes
gootyam, May 01 2003

       It's not as linear as you think. Does the splash from a clif diver come back up to the jumping point?
Worldgineer, May 01 2003

       My point exactly.
Worldgineer, May 01 2003

       What if you fell into your new super deep toilet, you could be trapped at the bottom with a broken leg and nobody in the house to help you escape!
MikeOliver, May 02 2003

       If this is a musical anti-splash toilet, and it's on cliffs, would it make cliff's notes?
thumbwax, May 02 2003

       How does this toilet tell up from down? I mean, how does it know a splash is going 'up?' And wouldn't that create steam? And who wants steam on a toilet? And maybe you shouldn't even have water in your toilet. Maybe it should be some super absorbant substance that diminishes splash-back, like velvet.
How does it know down from up?
k_sra, May 02 2003

       If it detects water going down and then electrocutes it, how painful is taking a leak if any splashes back up?
Sean Egative, Jun 08 2003

       Don't Whizz in the electric toilet.
Loris, Jan 29 2004

       yup. great idea. especially for those BIG poops that make BIG splashes.
bobathie, May 19 2007

       // zaps it with a static electricity charger frazzling it before it hits you// Very, very bad idea. If you charge water droplets up sufficiently, they simply explode into smaller droplets because the charged water is trying to get away from itself. It's very pretty, but you'll wind up with a wet arse.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 20 2007

       Hmm. The picture on the Envirolet Toilet site (provided by [Cedar Park] shows that you can apparently go to the can in your hallway.
Trickytracks, May 20 2007

       I like the idea of deteriorating splashing. How about a cone that sits in the center of the toiled to the poo gently wraps/ rolls around it softening the drop into the water. Then the cone could also serve as a fountain during flushing... or even a bidet...
ColonelMuffins, May 20 2007

       deeper toilets won't work. I once got splash back from a 5 foot drop.
Flipmastacash, Jun 05 2008

       so a "laser toilet": kinda scary for no.2, no?
WcW, Jun 05 2008

       You only need to break the drop up into smaller drops. The smaller drops will have lower particle Reynolds numbers, so they will be less able to continue traveling through the air, as aerodynamic drag has more effect on them. If the frazzler doesn't prove effective, I would also suggest either a laser or some kind of very well focused microwave system. You only need to vaporize a small bit of the drop, as close to the center as possible, to explode and disperse the rest of the drop into smaller droplets.
notexactly, Oct 26 2016

       Instead of water what if we use a very high temperature incinerator for the solids and just drain the liquids? If we shape it like a funnel I doubt there would be any splash.
Voice, Oct 28 2016

       Do you happen to enjoy the smell of burnt feces?
notexactly, Oct 28 2016


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