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High voltage, low current base plate around bottom of toilet

aim carefully
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comes with a very small warning sign
Voice, Nov 10 2012

A Similar Result? Ahhh, Now THAT is Science! http://www.youtube....watch?v=tU1UKn7iXv8
[Grogster, Nov 10 2012]

We've been there already Electrospray_20urinal
[mitxela, Nov 10 2012]


       Mythbusters pretty much proved that by the time the liquid hits the ground, it's not a continuous enough stream to conduct.
MechE, Nov 10 2012

       I doubt they used sufficiently high voltage
Voice, Nov 10 2012

       [MechE], would it not be similar to the experiment run by the fellow in the <link>? I know that in the typical electric fence peeing scenario, how close you are to said fence must certainly be a key variable; however, I certainly wouldn't want to risk "GROG Junior" on the Mythbusters results after seeing this video! That said, the scale tips in favor of BUN! [+] (...and a solemn resolution to improve my aim in the presence of [Voice]'s toilet...)
Grogster, Nov 10 2012

       The base of a toilet and the third rail of a train are both very low to the ground, at least a couple of feet below the relevant standing height. An electric fence is more or less at the relevant height.   

       I would also suggest the stream in the video is rather larger than most humans produce, and thus slower to break up. Even so, if you look towards the bottom of it while he is stirring in the salts, you can see it is discontinuous.
MechE, Nov 10 2012

       Tell you what, [MechE]: You go find yourself a Van de Graaff generator, climb up on a stepladder, and piss on it. Report back with the results.
ytk, Nov 11 2012

       How is this an improvement on finding an electric fence, and peeing on that?
DrCurry, Nov 12 2012


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