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Toilet Life Enhancer System

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At the board walk I played a game where I had to shoot a water gun into a hole which in turn triggered the inflation of a balloon until it bursts. If my balloon burst before the competition I won a stuffed animal.

This idea is based on the above boardwalk game combined with a urinal or toilet.

If I was already feeling depressed and I popped the balloon by urinating this might help me via the startling burst to snap out of it, popping the balloon could be a significant enough high, maybe just enough to brighten even the most miserable day.

This could also be used to rapidly train small boys to not pee on the seat.

It could be used in Casinos and you could win something in the bathroom I think it would fit in quite well at circus circus. Maybe they already have this.

vfrackis, Aug 22 2012

clown head balloon pop http://www.youtube....watch?v=-1Ggcbgonos
[vfrackis, Aug 22 2012]


       I think the success of the system would depend rather largely on what was in the balloon when it popped.
FlyingToaster, Aug 22 2012

       in the boardwalk game it inflates with air   

       what material do you think the balloon should fill up with?
vfrackis, Aug 22 2012

       Bees, possibly jam.
rcarty, Aug 22 2012

       // what material do you think the you think the balloon should fill up with ? //   

       Sarin. Imagine their surprise …
8th of 7, Aug 22 2012

       Instead of a ballons have urinary bladders.
rcarty, Aug 23 2012


       but i like it
vfrackis, Aug 23 2012

       //you could win something in the bathroom// a coupon for free dry cleaning perhaps ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 23 2012

       //Maybe they already have this// Oh, they do, even if they don’t yet know it.   

       If you’re bold enough, and you bladder muscles up to the range, just play the urine-y variation of this game at the boardwalk arcade.   

       Your prize is leaving the scene other than in police/security custody.
CraigD, Aug 23 2012


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