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more interesting urinals for men's room in bars
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Fishtank urinal.

Fishtanks is at the bottom of the urinal with plastic or glass on top. You can aim at the fish but not hurt them.

Duckshoot urinal.

Urinal with classic target ducks scrolling across the backplate. If you hit enough, a red light outside of the bathroom signals your machoness to all at the bar.

pevins, Jun 29 2000

Urinal.net http://www.urinal.net
Pictures of many strange urinals, big database :)! [nelder, Feb 07 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Urinals http://allmusic.com...g&sql=B6j87gj4r86in
[mrthingy, Mar 12 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

UrinalFly.com http://www.urinalfly.com
Urinal fly stickers that you can buy. Customize if you want. [fervor, Jun 23 2006]

Viva Brazil! http://extremecraft...dribbling-ball.html
[jutta, Jun 28 2006]

Piss-Screen http://www.piss-screen.de/
Based on work by Hayes Raffle and Dan Maynes-Aminzade at the MIT Media Lab's Tangible Media Group. [jutta, Jun 29 2008]

Clown Urinal for Kids http://brog.engrish...wn-urinal-for-kids/
No. [jutta, Feb 22 2011]

(?) first in the world? http://think-work-p...wee-rivals-the-wii/
[po, Dec 03 2011]

Same as [po]'s link but better description. http://news.cnet.co...-whizzes-a-new-aim/
Downhill skier [AusCan531, Dec 04 2011]


       in some bars they have a transfer of a fly on the porcelin to give the inebriated urinators something to aim at. Apparently it cuts down on the need to mop the floor by a huge margin....
ashworth, Jun 29 2000

       i like these ideas.
tom_phelts, Jun 30 2000

       I thought that's why they put a cigarette butt at the bottom of the urinal...   

       An pressure-sensitive LCD screen at the bottom of the urinal would allow you to play games like Space Invaders.
hippo, Jul 05 2000

       They could also make some of those lemon-smelly things that keep the toilet fresh in different shapes - such as common objects of hatred like politicians, B*witched, etc
gilest, Jul 05 2000

       It's the airport in Amsterdam where the fly-decal-in-the-urinal was first introduced. I remember reading a report that they showed it decreased the need for cleaning the floors by some significant percentage.
syost, Jul 14 2000

       Linking to the idea for thermo-chromic ovenware, why not display adverts on urinal trays in pubs, that have text or a drawing in thermochromic ink that display when warmed ? Could be a new anagram for Holsten Pils in there somewhere..
KingL, Oct 18 2000

       On one of the now-vanished 'cool stuff' shows, they had a urinal in Japan. It's a clear glass window that faces out into a garden <arranged such that nobody can see in without lots of effort>. You piddle on the window, then when you step away, it runs a waterfall down the glass. Was really nice, and gave you something to look at other than blank tile or boring newspapers...
StarChaser, Oct 19 2000

       Baked. I was once in a restaurant where they had these things called Tinkle Toys in the urinals. They were little plastic games with levers or spinners and when you peed on them, it would spin a little plastic thing... it was fun... i'll try and find a link to it
djhotsauce, Dec 11 2000

       For a urinal in a "non-family-friendly" place, how about a picture of a woman 'dressed' in thermo-chromic clothing? If your aim is good and you warm it up, the clothing disappears.
supercat, Dec 11 2000

       <grin> And then your aim gets worse...
StarChaser, Dec 11 2000

       In 'The Pod' nightclub in Dublin they had a great urinal. It was a pond with stepping stones from which you pee (into the pond).
stupop, Oct 17 2001

       A whiskey named Revelstoke had the thermo-chromic urinal mint holders with naughty riddles to piddle on. The answer would appear when it warmed. (Why is sex like air? You don't worry about it until you're not getting any.)
sledboy, Oct 17 2001

       Stupop: How often did they have to fish someone out?
StarChaser, Feb 07 2002

       // In 'The Pod' nightclub in Dublin they had a great urinal. It was a pond with stepping stones from which you pee (into the pond). //   

       I think you accidentally wandered out back of the pub... by the pond....
MoreCowbell, Jun 23 2006

       " // In 'The Pod' nightclub in Dublin they had a great urinal. It was a pond with stepping stones from which you pee (into the pond). //

       I think you accidentally wandered out back of the pub... by the pond...."   

       I can't believe it took 5 years for someone to make that joke!
MikeOliver, Jun 28 2006

       slightly baked my friend.   

       A mate of mine works as a junior commentator for a sports channel, and is covering Munich for the world cup games. anyhow, he tells me that the VIP bathrooms up at the box have goals and mini football-urinal cakes in the urinals. a lot of fun i hear.
shinobi, Jun 29 2006

       you could make it a reflecting mirror wall with a trough at the bottom... "hmm.... I'll wait"
FlyingToaster, Jun 29 2008

       You could project a video of an aquarium onto it and then no fish would be harmed. You could also bounce light off from another direction at the same time and turn it into a video game.
nineteenthly, Jun 29 2008

       When reading about the downhill skiing 'on the piste' game I immediately had a mental image of the animated skier character irately complaining about the presence of logs on the slope. "Ziss iz an outrage!"
AusCan531, Dec 04 2011


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