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Archimedes lighter attachment

collapsable parabolic mirror lighter attachment
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Bones held this C shaped lighter attachment in his hand skeptically. He stuck his store bought 99 cent lighter into the base and flicked open the polished steel curved slats like a paper fan, yet curved.

The slats formed a hemispherical shape with a funny picture on the back. Bones turned the Archimedes lighter around and quickly turned it to a different angle. Very shiny, thought Bones.

There was a cigarette holding ring on the bottom of the lighter holding base. The lighter base was on a hinge that allowed the lighter to flip down and act as a handle.
Bones stuck a cigarette into the holding "ring". Skeptically he pointed the Archimedes lighter towards the sun, watching the focus of light travel up the cigarette to the tip.

In about 5 seconds, the tip of the cigarette started smouldering & in a few seconds more a flame appeared. Bones popped the cigarette out of the horseshoe shaped holding ring & inhaled. Holy smokes! it works!, thought Bones.

One of the few other smokers in the building, Jim, having seen this, stepped over next to Bones and asks "Hey, wasn't that Joe's lighter? The one who always wore red shirts? - I never saw him use it before, that's pretty cool"

Bones thought sadly about the funeral. A bit annoyed that now he had to explain that he was willed this lighter attachment. All Bones could think to say was, "He's dead, Jim".

Zimmy, Aug 20 2006

Solar lighters http://wildwoodsurv...eflector/index.html
Second item is a solar cigarette lighter [wiml, Aug 20 2006]


       Pretty much baked, except not in fan shape ... I bought a solar cigarette lighter from, IIRC, Radio Shack about twenty years ago for use in a science fair project.
wiml, Aug 20 2006

       cool link, [wiml]. I should have searched first. I just thought the idea was too far out there to have been thought of before. (It being useless at night & with overcaste skies & all).
Zimmy, Aug 20 2006

       At least you get the vindication of knowing that it works the way it does in your head.   


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