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Atkins-Approved Pet Food

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Now, I don't say that I approve of this low- carbohydrate diet which is very popular today, but I'm just offering a way to make a quick buck:

People seem to think this Atkins thing works, so why not get them to buy Atkins- approved dog or cat food? It'd be a good marketing ploy, I'd think.

rgovostes, Jul 22 2004

Vegetarian Dog Food http://www.epetpals...tarian_dog_food.htm
[PinkDrink, Oct 04 2004]

Cat Food http://www.veggiepe...arian_cat_food.html
Horrible! [PinkDrink, Oct 04 2004]


       But isn't cat/dog food basically just meat already? I suppose you could follow your pet around all day to stop them eating grass.
Loris, Jul 22 2004

       Yeah! but your gonna have a *real* hard time convincing your cat or dog to eat meat all the time.
(Hey! Rover! Put that loaf of bread Down, Boy!. Down! I say!)
On second thoughts, this could be the 'Money for Old Rope' selling sensation of the decade!.
gnomethang, Jul 22 2004

       Cracking up! [gnomethang]
PinkDrink, Jul 22 2004

       //But isn't cat/dog food basically just meat already?//
That's like saying processed burgers and the 'original' Chicken McNuggets are meat, and we all know the real truth there.

[gnome] thanks for the image. My old dog had whole pizza's off the table, running around the garden with blatent defiance and triviality.
silverstormer, Jul 22 2004

       Atkins crazed people might actually buy this. The Pet food companies wouldn't have to change the ingredients...just mark it "Low-carb" or "Atkins Approved!" After all they do have vegetarian pet food on the market, which I find completely ridiculous and I am a vegetarian. :See links:
PinkDrink, Jul 22 2004

       I don't approve of Atkins (just my opinion) and I wish my dog would eat more carb.
po, Jul 22 2004

       [PinkDrink]! Top link! Apparently my cat only eats meat because otherwise it will die in the wild. Did you notice that they spelt 'UK Vegarian Society' incorrectly?. Its a niche market, I tell ya!.
Having said all this, if [rgovostes] were to tread the streets of Hollywood (s)he would be onto a surefire winner so I am giving this a + bun (with no animal fat).
gnomethang, Jul 22 2004

       - For making the price of shit go up.
dpsyplc, Jul 22 2004

       price of shit? you mean there's gold in the litter tray?
po, Jul 22 2004

       sp: 'gold in tham thar litter tray'
gnomethang, Jul 22 2004

       I'm a Londoner, I tawk propper.
po, Jul 22 2004

gnomethang, Jul 22 2004

The Kat, Jul 23 2004

       // But isn't cat/dog food basically just meat already? //   

       Depends on the food. No meat anywhere near the Purina 'chow' line of food.
waugsqueke, Jul 24 2004

       I have to vote against this because for whatever reason,Atkins died as fat as a fool !Maybe he did'nt follow his own diet !
python, Jul 27 2004

       //price of shit// What's the market price for horse and/or cow manure these days?
Freefall, Jul 27 2004

       Our 11 year old Golden Retriever needs to lose weight badly. She's fat and her bones are not so strong anymore. The vet says that, since she can't run around or play much anymore and she's always eaten Pet food (not chicken or bread or anything) it will be really hard to make her lose weight. My mom is too worried about this and, seriosly, she mentions it at least twice every day.   

       I don't think the product suggested here could really work but, hey, at least my mom could buy it and sleep at night thinking that she's saving my dog's life.
Pericles, Jul 28 2004

       If it would only stop my big fat tomcat from farting all the time, I would pay any price. It gets pretty bad when the varmint lays in my lap and farts, farts, farts.
bobad, Jul 28 2004

       //It gets pretty bad when the varmint lays in my lap and farts, farts, farts.//

I suggest you don't take up any hobbies that require a naked flame. Smoking is right out the window...
silverstormer, Jul 28 2004

       // It gets pretty bad when the varmint lays in my lap and farts, farts, farts.   

       I suggest you don't take up any hobbies that require a naked flame. Smoking is right out the window... //   

       The CAT farts. I just want to make that clear. What? No, I PROMISE it's the cat.
bobad, Jul 29 2004

       The main idea is that cat and dog food is already low-carbohydrate (right?). Slapping "Atkins Approved!" on the bag and raising the price could rake in some dough. I don't claim that it would actually help an animal lose weight...
rgovostes, Jul 31 2004


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