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vermin vittles

give your cat what he really wants
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I have seen quite of a variety in foods that are marketed towards cat owners. Some claim to cater to a cat's more discerning taste, such as Fancy Feast brand cat food. I suggest giving cats what they really desire, fresh, juicy and delicious mice. Anyone can tell you that cats are actually designed to digest mice, and certainly raising mice of all different types would be simple enough to do. Just a few dozen mature breeding pairs of mice would produce an ample supply to start the business off with. Of course, some of the smallest babies, called pinkies, could fetch a higher price since most cats consider them as delicacies. Most cat foods advertise "Chicken and Liver" or "Lamb and Rice". Come on, has your cat ever stalked a Lamb? It's mice that they want. (I am also considering a 'cat flavored' dog food as well...
kristoferburrito, Mar 14 2006


       if a cat wants mice - it can catch them. they really don't have much luck with beef and rice.   

       & dogs prefer anything to cat!
po, Mar 14 2006

       Mice-a-roni the Sanfransiscat treat.   

       That was bad.
Oh well, welcome and have a mice day.

       Feeding both live and dead mice to pets is Widely Baked. Go to any pet store that carries snakes.
DrCurry, Mar 14 2006

       Oh - I was expecting this to be an alternative you put out to distract the racoons from the cat food.
normzone, Mar 14 2006

       and for the cannibal family, you offer up yourself?....
xenzag, Mar 14 2006

       I wonder how efficiently mice convert feed to protein? Such data is available for many livestock animals but mice usually are not farmed. A mouse farm for the purposes of making cat food is not a bad idea. The food could be whole ground mice. Hmmm.
bungston, Mar 15 2006

       Hmm I wonder if the cat would really go for mouse over lamb. Would need a test.
zeno, Mar 15 2006


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