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Kitty food shower

When your cat is hungry he can just walk in a chamber and it breifly rains cat food for him to eat
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If you cat wants food, but theres nothing in his bowl, he can just go into a special chamber, sensors detect the cat, and it begins raining cat food inside the chamber. it only lasts for about 5 seconds, and when it stops, your cat can eat what rained down. when he is done, the sensors detect the cat exiting, and if any is left, a door closes and its sucked back into the holding area on top of the chamber. the kitty food shower chamber has clear glass and lovely tiled floor. The holes on top are big enough for all diffrent sizes of dry cat food. when the food holding tank is empty, pour more in, and your cat always has food. if you want, you can make your kitty happier by mixing some kitty treats in with the food. if you need to, you can manually close the door if you think your kitty has had enough for the day.
paperclip987, Jun 17 2004


       + for the creativity
half, Jun 17 2004

       a timed cat feeder is a lot tidier. sorry but with a house full of animals, tidiness is important. I just slipped on a whoaaaaaaaaaaaah.........
po, Jun 17 2004

       I take it that only dry food is used and that kitty knows that this is not the litter chamber?
FarmerJohn, Jun 17 2004


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