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Cat tin warmer

Cats prefer mouse-temperatured food
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I don't have a cat but I do remember seeing a documentary in which they said house cats prefer warm food because they're hunters, not scavengers. Why not create a cat tin warmer that stores cat food tins at roughly the temperature of a mouse? That would be about 38 C or (about 100 F). Cat food tins across various brands are roughly the same size, aren't they? (they seem to be from recollection but I may be wrong). The cat tin warmer would be about the size of a shoebox and would countain a dozen or so tins at temperature. Of course it would be plugged into a wall outlet but it wouldn't draw much amperage.

This warmer is better than microwaving the food for several reasons: 1. You don't have to warm your food after warming cat food. 2. I hear that cat food is often somewhat greasy, leading to messy microwave aftermath. 3. It's quicker.

Maybe "Hello Kitty" can make these?

Gamma48, May 19 2009

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       There has to be a pun in there if you include the use of solar panels, but I can't get to it.
tatterdemalion, May 20 2009

       I think that their preferred option is to leave it in the bowl all day to obtain a perfect room temp. and that stale crusty effect that attracts flies and mice.   

       actually I buy fluffy those little individual sachet things and they tend to be tepid but then she doesn't really object when her food has been refrigerated...   

       oh goodness, cats aren't meant to be understood.
po, May 20 2009

       I guess the hunter thing could be best abetted by mice at live-mouse temperature.   

       Mice, and every other small warm-blooded creature, cool off extremely fast after their hide has been opened, so 20°C food could well be standard on the menue of hunting cats.
loonquawl, May 20 2009

       It needs a fluffy blanket on it which will be warmed by the box underneath.
wagster, May 20 2009

       Why don't they make mouse flavoured cat food?
Dub, May 20 2009

       Cat lovers could do this in an earth-friendly way by wearing special leotards that have pockets for cat food tins. The tins would be kept apposed to the inner thighs of the cat lover and so warmed using excess body heat. The leotard would have additional pockets to accomodate tins near/in other warm body areas, to accomodate the needs of cat lovers with multiple cats. If one wished an additional 2 degrees of warmth beyond body temperature one could perform vigorous exercise while wearing the leotard and tins. Eventually the cats could come to associate vigorous exercise with an impending hot meal, and would come out to participate in the exercise.   

       Non cat lovers might purchase this garment to warm cans of clam chowder for their own consumption.
bungston, May 20 2009


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