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feline food-o-matic

registers cat food, similar to pig and cow feeding systems.
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My cats are permanently wanting feeding, yet won't eat food that's been out for more than 5 mins. They eat - then want more - but then don't eat it. I was thinking of a feeding system similar to the way cows and pigs are fed, with tags in their collars which activate a limited amount of food, which is stored in a mini hopper, realeased into a feeding trough. Maybe someone in the livestock feeding industry could come up with some ideas??? (But then again cats would probably work out how it works and take over the business) It would also be useful when going away for a few days, if you have a cat flap.
arora, Nov 09 2001

Something like this? http://shop.petmarket.com/autpetfeed.html
Although it works on a timer instead of a tag [mwburden, Nov 09 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

The Public 8 Ball http://8ball.federated.com/
Lego Mindstorms and a webcam combine forces not to feed your cat, but to predict the future! [mighty_cheese, Nov 09 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       My Feline food-o-matic would be ideal if it dished-up fresh cat food in one feed proportions - not dried food - as my cats only eat that as a last resort. It would have to be sealed within the hopper and only opened or squeezed into the trough as required.
arora, Nov 09 2001

       "opened or squeezed into the trough as required"

So, why not package "canned" cat food in tubes, like tooth paste or the larger, economy-sized caulk tube? The caulk gun type of thing would be really, really easy to automate. You could even train the cats to touch a button or something to dispense a small amount (though, being cats, they would end up emptying the tube just to watch the stuff squirting out).
quarterbaker, Nov 09 2001

       Don't worry, when a cat gets hungry enough, it will lose its picky eating habits. Don't coddle them.
seal10, Nov 09 2001

       I like the idea of a large tube - toothpaste like, or "chemic gun", I'm sure the cats would get the hang of it. It could maybe squeeze out a fresh cat bowl at the same time to do away with the trough idea - saving on washing up. It could be a lovely "Wedgewood" design.
arora, Nov 09 2001

       Perhaps you should think about feeding them intravenously...
snarfyguy, Nov 09 2001

       Peter: There are cat feeders that include refrigeration for wet food, as well.
StarChaser, Nov 11 2001

       Suspended animation. Haven't scientists managed to freeze and thaw frogs? Cats are just frogs with fur. Stick fluffy in the freezer next time you're on holiday.   

       Disclaimer: placing domestic pets in a refrigerating device is frowned upon by many pet care experts and veterinarians. It may also be in contravention of national, state or local laws in your area. Defrosting is not an exact science, and should under no circumstances be undertaken in a microwave or conventional oven.
pottedstu, Nov 11 2001

       My cats have been chewing it over - given the choice of freezing or eating, they have decided on the latter. On the condition they can have a few friends over to finish off the left-overs. PeterSealy's cat top of the guest list.
arora, Nov 11 2001

       A Lego Mindstorms kit would make it easy to squeeze cat food from a caulking tube into a dish at a specific time every day while you're away on vacation. You could even set up a webcam, watch your cats from a laptop, and feed them remotely using this system. Hell, if you got a self-cleaning litter tray, you mightn't ever have to go near your pets again.
mighty_cheese, Nov 11 2001

       I favour the fresh food method : a machine similar to a lottery ball dispenser filled with mice, 1 for each day of your holiday. It would be timed to release one mouse at the usual feeding time along with a bell to alert the cat of chase/play/food time. Blind fold the mice if your cat is elderly and infirm to even up the stakes.
sylvester, Nov 11 2001

       Welcome to the eternal mystery which is cat.
' Don't worry, when a cat gets hungry enough, it will lose its picky eating habits' ([seal10]). Albert Reynolds, one-time Prime Minister of Eire was previously the principal of a pet-food company. He said in an interview that if a cat dislikes the food it is given, it will literally (yes, [Rods], literally!) starve itself to death rather than eat it.
angel, Nov 12 2001

       meow meow meow meow...I want meow mix!   

       good idea!
sailormoonfan, Jan 25 2003


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