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anger management earpiece

Small earpieces that detect your pulse and tell you to calm down.
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These earpieces could monitor pulse, breathing rate, voice level,ect. They could be programmed by your psychologist to give you small messages when you get over exited or angry such as "calm down and take a deep breath". They could also alert your psychologist (Via cell phone) if things got out of hand.
beretboy, Nov 10 2000


       Probably more effective if the earpieces started puffing out non-toxic smoke when you got really mad. This would give you a "don't disturb- I'm about to go postal" look.
BigThor, Nov 17 2000

       'course, if the smoke WERE toxic, you'd really learn to control those tantrums in a fast hurry, or you'd end up dead. I know a couple people that this might "help"...
absterge, Nov 17 2000

       Perhaps these should be part of the halfbaker introductory package one receives when opening an account.
bristolz, Mar 31 2003

       [bz], //the halfbaker introductory package// might include Librium as well, with the earpiece recommending how many mg’s to take (if required) prior to halfbaking. ;->
Shz, Mar 31 2003


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