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Lazy Suzan Fridge

Corner Occupying Fridge/Freezer with Lazy Suzan shelves.
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A Space saving fridge that doesn't create the articles of mystery due to non viewable position.
Zimmy, Sep 23 2003

Here is one such design http://www.aaacomme...t.html#anchor302335
At the bargain basement price of 3500 USD. Cheap! [sartep, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Above Counter Corner Refrigerator http://piterski1.tr...hotmailcom/id6.html
A built-in above-counter unit, without the turntables. [Laughs Last, Oct 04 2004]

Corner Refrigerator http://beau-port.co...e__POLARCORNER.html
[jurist, Aug 22 2005]


       It's baked for fridges but very rare. The design I saw had several cylinders that poped out of the counter and rotated. I think your design is a bit different.   

       Wait, I have seen this idea before not as rare as I thought. Diners have rotating fridges to show off their tasty or stale desserts. Haven't seen this for freezers.
sartep, Sep 24 2003

       // the articles of mystery //
Ah, you know my refrigerator well, Zimmy-San.
Amos Kito, Sep 24 2003

       Great idea, although you would have some dead space in the corners. Perhaps these could have egg holding units in them if you can reach past the turntable. Or pots of water for keeping herbs fresh. The design would maybe help all those confused people (most often male, interestingly) who claim not to be able to find something in the fridge because it's not at the front, at eye level.   

       It may also help to alleviate the "furry, greenish thing in cling film" from being spontaneously generating at the back if the tray were rotated often enough (there would *be* no back).   

       Coincidentally, I cleaned out my fridge yesterday and found several, spectacularly out of date items which I truly have no recollection of buying and are not the kind of thing I ever buy. As my other half has never knowingly set foot in a supermarket alone I can only assume the landlord is using our flat for extra storage space without telling us.
squeak, Sep 24 2003

       The funny thing is I also came up within idea like this one. But when I found the right place and category for it showed up right next to this.   

       A bun for spontaneously the same idea! +
toomer34, Aug 22 2005

       Some friends of mine have brilliant new fridge. Instead of shelves, it has drawers which can be pulled out completely so you can see everything on them. Fantastic design.
squeak, Aug 22 2005


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